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A box draws near! Command?

So a little whiles ago I entered a contest. Somehow out of all the awesome entries mine was picked! I was seriously over the moon, and when a box appeared today I knew it could only be one thing (my box of dildos is still a week away), and was unprepared for the win it contained.

Pictured: Box of win. Not pictured: Dildos

Welp, I thought, lets have a looksie inside. First up was the signed copy of Tales of Symphonia by Troy Baker.


After googling, turns out he's got a pretty impressive resume, having been in some of my favorite games and anime. GET IN!

As a hetrosexual male, I would sex this

Next up, and totally unexpexted, was a copy of Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces. Apparently because it was late they decided to chuck in an extra game, and I was going to buy it anyway as I loved the movie so that is super awesome of them.


And finally...the Wii itself! I was expecting a bog standard console with maybe a controller but with Motionplus and the 2 Wii sports games chucked in I am speechless at the awesomeness of this box.


So I would like to say a massive thankyou to Pete from Indigo Pearl PR Company, you guys definetly know how to give awesome PR, Hollie for organising it all and chasing up stuff for me and generally being an all-round super person, and finally Destructoid for hosting it all & being the most awesome win-sauce filled haven of debauchery where stuff like this can happen!

As a hetrosexual male, I would sex you all

Now...what to get? Heres the rest of my collection so far.

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