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Resonance of an Overlooked Classic: Follow-Up

This blog is a followup for a previous blog, found here.

I was checking Video Game Countdown on a regular basis looking forward to Final Fantasy XIII, Resonance of Fate and God of War III.

Through a series of events too complex to mention here (involving a simple favor being blown way out of proportion,) I ended up sitting in front of my PC, a small stack of PC game cases on the desk in front of me. Somehow, I ended up with The Sims 3.

Pictured: "Real" Game?

So I derailed all my plans to buy Resonance of Fate, coming approximately one week after FF13 did, and bought the first thing that became available to me.

I don't know as of yet whether my time will allow me to juggle Final Fantasy XIII and The Sims 3, and whether, like a cartoon, I will struggle when a cartoon furry bastard throws more stuff for me to juggle in the form of God of War III and Resonance of Fate.

The Sims 3 didn't just derail my well thought plans when it came out of the blue, it destroyed it.

I'll keep you posted on the epic conclusion, which you can expect sometime this month.
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