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Why Should I Have to Pay 4 Xbox Live?


I hope this picture turned out well as i thought it would. But anyway, i would like to say this is my 1st ever dtoid blog, and I DON'T CARE what u have to say about, if its negative. But down to the point...

Now if my picture is posted correctly, u see an xbox live gold subscription card, saying "$29.99? Hells Yes". More like Hells No.I'm an owner of an Xbox 360, so don't say I'm a PS3 fanboy. Don't get me wrong, I like Xbox Live. It's fun and entertaining, so one would assume i should have no beef with it. Wrong!!! It's the simple fact that I like it so much that i dont think i should pay for it, and I feel that others will agree. I pay enough for microsoft points and games(legal copies I might add) as it is, why do I have to pay more for playing those purchased games with my friends.I know what some of you are thinking, you may be thinking, "hey there's always the silver membership" or "hey, how about get a job and pay for some gametime" My response:NOOOO!!!!. i may not have a job at the moment but that doesnt mean i should have to pay for my online fun. I know i dont pay for internet, but that aspect alone is "paid for", so why am I paying for online play. As for the fact of getting a silver membership, I still say no. I mean whats the point of two memberships! No offense to Microsoft, cuz like i said earlier i like the the Xbox 360, so I'm not looking for trouble, or trying to troll.But put simply this is a rip-off, made to make ppl pay more for their already expensive system. The silver membership is free, BUT, all you get is DLC. But with the gold membership i get more out of the gaming experience, but i have to PAY. Why cant we all come to an agreement to just make one membership, preferably FREE, and have the good entertaining qualities of gold.To expound on my earlier comment of rip-offs. I personally face one these with the wireless adapter accessories. For certain parental reasons, i cant directly plug my console into the router with the provided ethernet cord. Instead I had to buy a $100 wireless adapter. Really 100 big ones to play my games from the comfort of my room. If not for similar issues like that, i thnk a lot of other 360 gamers i have some issue the calls for buying one. Why not come with one in the 1st place or have it built in.But like i said earlier i like the 360 but these things are a bother to me, more likely to other ppl as well, so if some one up there in the higher ups is reading, plz consider these issues, as the solution may result in more 360 owners
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