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Wrapping Up LOST – S6E6 – “Sundown” - NVGR

Wrapping Up LOST – S6E6 – “Sundown”

Before we get into the episode I’m going to run a theory by you about what LOST is REALLY all about. I’ll start by asking you a question. How many stitches are on a baseball? If you don’t know, go Google it and come back. Back to my theory, LOST is really all about the Boston Redsox. Humor me here…all the pieces are there.

- The Green Monster, the Smoke monster.
- In the premiere Rose first hears the smoke monster she says it sounds familiar, Shannon asks her where she is from and she says, “The Bronx”. That’s where the evil Yankees are from.
- Curse of the Big Bambino, Hurley is cursed
- The eternal struggle between light and dark, the Redsox vs. Yankees each side thinking the other is the dark side.
- The gods of LOST move the game pieces around, Theo (which means god) the GM of the Redsox moves the players around on his team.
- Baseballs have 108 stitches; Dogen has a baseball which just happens to have 108 stitches.
- Ben tells Jack the Sox won the series, and if that changed in the ATL then Jack must do everything he can to make sure they still win in 2004 and 2007. Ya see it’s all there.

Ok so I’m totally kidding here, but that’s what’s great about LOST we can find all kinds of symbols and connections. So let’s get on to the episode. I think this episode should have been called “Kicking’ ass and taking names.” Because that is pretty much what happened the whole episode. This episode felt weird to me, and I think I know why. It’s because it wasn’t full of mysteries, as a usual episode, but that’s ok, we’re getting close to the end now (only 10 till the finale) and things gotta pick up. It’s almost as if there is too much story to tell, but not enough time so their whizzing through stuff.

What did you bring me today Sayid?
Sayid is sitting in the back of a cab, holding flowers, but alas they are yellow and only for a friend. DARLTON fake us out again with Nadia opening the door, only to find she’s married to Sayid’s bro. “What did you bring us from Australia?” I wish Sayid would have brought those kids some acting lessons, gheez. But Sayid does bring them a boomerang, which when you throw it comes back, hmmm…sounds a lot like a certain TV show I knew in another life. They kiddies also find a stalker like survevelance photo of mommy in Sayid’s bag too. Real subtle buddy, real subtle.

Crouching Dogen Hidden Baseball
Holy crap, this scene made me feel like I was watching an episode of 24 or something. Sayid barges in on Dogen’s assigned reading time, and starts demanding answers like what’s that machine? Dogen goes into some deep stuff, mentioning every man has a scale inside them one side light, one side dark. The hand he uses to demonstrate dark, just so happens to have a dark glove on. Dogen then says, “I think it would be best if you were dead”. Then for the first time in a long time Sayid tries to convince someone that he is good, and should live and even says, “I’m a good man”. Before he can get another word out Dogen busts out his Aikido and drops Sayid faster than Hurley could throw a hot pocket against a wall. Dogen tells us later in the episode that he was a business man in Osaka. I work in the business world, and I’m going to bet 95% of them can’t dish out ninja moves like Dogen can, thus perpetuating the myth that all Asian males know martial arts, and are good at it. Dogen is about to do his best Shang Tsung impression and “finish him”. But then the ball drops, and Dogen remembers something, that he once got a second chance, and so he gives Sayid one as well. Oh did mention that baseballs have 108 stitches? I did? Ok just checking.

Ring around the Temple, pocket full of Zombies, ashes ashes the Others fall down -
Zombie Claire and her ‘Friend’ are standing outside the ring of ash, staring at the Temple. “If I could do it myself I wouldn’t be asking you Claire” Just like before Flocke has to have other people do his bidding for him because of the rules of the game. MIB and Jacob are just moving the pawns around the board so that they will win. Every move calculated, trying to be many steps ahead of the other, until it will finally end. Flocke reminds me of Satan talking to Jesus in the desert, promising power, wealth, and popularity, whatever you desire if only you’ll follow me. There are theories that Flocke is the embodiment of all the evil figures that have existed throughout history; Satan, Cerberus, Leviathan. The word “Leviathan” comes from the Hebrew word meaning “one who twists and coils,” or “the winding one”. Seems pretty fitting, but Leviathan was underwater. Hmmm…wasn’t the island underwater in the ATL? Maybe that’s what MIB wants to happen? But he said he was a man once, so not sure that theory ‘holds any water’. “You going to hurt them?” “Only the ones who won’t listen”. So even if Jacob and MIB are equally bad/good, they’re methods are quite different. MIB always asks people to do something or he will kill THEM. Jacob on the other hand asks people to do things that will save OTHERS. Big difference there, one is a selfish act, one is a sacrificial act.

It’s 2:30 in the morning –
Wow, Sayid came out of a deep sleep and knew exactly what time it was? That was a bit much for me. He did have a watch on, but honestly had to time to look at it in the dark. Omar pleads with Sayid to help him with some mafia types, to convince them to leave him alone. Sayid refuses, and says “I’m not that man anymore”. We then flash to the temple where Miles walks up to Sayid like he knows something, and is up to some shenanigans and asks him, “What are you doing?” Sayid says he’s leaving, and Miles breaks the news that the temple others didn’t save him, and he was actually dead for 2 hours. During which I think Miles tried to communicate with Sayid, but got no readings on his spidey sense.

Sclaire Skywalker -
Claire then just walks in the front door of the temple like Luke Skywalker into Jabba’s Palace. Lennon channeling the acting powers of Sayid’s niece and nephew says, “Stop, don’t shoot her.” Sclaire walks right up to her former torturer Dogen and delivers the message that “He” wants to see you. Sclaire and Dogen then exchange words like they’re a couple of high school girls, “Oh yeah, then maybe you should send someone he won’t kill”. Dogen has Sclaire detained in the glee pit so she can practice her creepy solo for the big concert at sundown. Dogen tells Lennon to bring Reyes and Shepard to his room immediately, but since they took a field trip to the light house, they are nowhere to be found.

With this knife I thee stab –
Dogen brings Sayid back to his dojo to give him a gift. Sayid asks about Claire, and Dogen then explains that she is under the power of an angry MAN. A man who has been trapped on the island for a long time. But now that Jacob is gone, this angry man is free. This man will not stop until he has destroyed every living thing on this island. He is evil incarnate, hmmm sounds like the anti-Christ to me. Dogen says plunge the knife into his chest before he can speak, or it will be too late. I am going to take Dogen at his word here; I think that is Sayid had stabbed Flocke before he said a word then he would have died. Here is why, MIB is all about ‘do this task or die’, Jacob is all about giving people choice. Heck he even gave Ben a choice before he stabbed him, and he still died. So it’s only fitting that MIB should be treated the way he treats others, no choice, just do it. We’ll probably never know the real answer to this but that is why we love LOST, and why you will not be shocked when the end is a big open ended ‘WHAT IF’. A chicken and egg scenario, if you will, where nothing will be definite except for millions of people screaming at their TV’s “WHAT!!??”

Now that the kids are off to school let’s get back to the action –
A second after Ray Charles drives the school bus away, Nadia rushes out of the house and in her usual whiny voice cries out, “Sayid”. Next thing we know we’re in a hospital and Dr. Shepard is walking past Nadia and Sayid as the ER nurse says Omar, “Suffered a punctured lung and some internal bleeding”. Hmmm… sounds a lot like Claire’s friend’s wound. As you can see the two realities are once again bleeding over into each other. I suppose if Omar ends up dying then Flocke’s promise of giving Sayid the one thing he wants. Only it will be in the ATL, more on that later.

The longest con of all –
After Kate crosses paths with Sayid and is told to head back to the temple and ask Miles what she missed, she just waltzes in the front door and walks over to Miles who is playing Solitaire. Miles says, “Welcome back to the circus”, and then tells Kate that the weird zombie Sclaire is back, and still hot. This scene and other later on tell me that Miles knows WAY MORE than he’s ever let on. Remember Widmore sent him there, so he probably has a lot of background info on what the island may really be. For all we know Jacob found Miles way before Widmore did, and he’s been in on it the whole time. I’m not sure what Miles is doing, but he’s up to something.

Water, Water, Water
As soon as Sayid stops to get a drink of WATER, and put some on his neck, we hear the sounds of Smokey and the wind blows like crazy. You may or may not have heard that in a recent interview DARLTON were asked, “What one word would you use to describe the final three episodes?” Their response was, “Water”. This past week I’ve been thinking about water. Here are some ideas about water…
- Water is the part of Christian baptism that brings death to the old self, and then from it rises new life.
- Water is fluid and always changing/moving.
- Water conforms to the vessel it’s in, much like MIB is conformed to the vessel of Locke right now.
- Water was what was used to plug the hole in Ben’s secret Smokey calling room.
- Water is what covered the island in the ATL
- Water is where Sayid was put to be healed, but died for 2 hours.
- Water washes away things.
- Water is where Leviathan lives.
- Water is what was used to give Locke the false confidence that he was becoming ‘In Tune’ with the island.

So start thinking about water and what role it may play in the final 3 episodes of LOST.

You stab me in the chest and don’t even say hello –
Sayid stabs Flocke right in the heart, then the polite monster that he his Flocke gives the knife back to Sayid handle side out of course. Sayid then asks him what he is. I just noticed that every time Flocke is questioned about what he is, he dodges the question. This time he says, “I feel sorry for you” after being called evil incarnate. Flocke then spins he web of lies, and says Dogen set Sayid up to fail, and was just being manipulated and used. Flocke accused Jacob of coming to people when they were broken and then tricked them into doing something, but that is exactly what Flocke is and has done. Only Flocke’s motives are selfish, rather than offering someone redemption. Sayid even catches him, and he says “and what are you trying to talk me into?” Once again Flocke dodges by saying, “Sorry?” as if he didn’t hear him or is totally ignorant. Flocke says he simply wants Sayid to deliver a message, and in return Flocke will give him anything he wants. Even the one thing he ever wanted that died in his arms. This is where the game and the ATL come into play.
I read a theory earlier today which suggests that the players of the game can leave by choice and get the thing they wanted in the ATL, or they can stay and play and possibly redeem themselves and win the game, and get something even better. This could be a metaphor for enlightenment, peace, heaven, a free ticket into Shambala, the mythical Tibetan Buddhist kingdom where they could live forever like Mr. Alpert.

The Real Richard Alpert -
Side note, not sure if you are aware that there does exist a real Richard Alpert that exists in the world. He is known as Ram Dass now, a Hindu religious figure in the West. He was buddies with Tim Leary and you can see an old video of him talking about existence and self image here.


He says a lot of key LOST words in this video; Jungle, Game, Cease to exist. It’s interesting to watch in the context of LOST. I don’t agree with some of the things he is saying, but none the less, interesting to see as another piece of how LOST grabs everything from history, pop culture, literature, religion and throws it all together, in the greatest and most thought provoking TV show to ever air.

What’s really real anyway, no really?-
Back in the ATL Sayid had an unfortunate incident with a vase/vessel. Much like the one his just had with the MIB’s vessel of John Locke involving a boomerang. With stuff like this I don’t get how the writers keep it all straight in their heads. What causes what? The MTL or the ATL? I have been reading another recapper’s thoughts for a few years now, and on many things I’ve always agreed. But one I never understood, until now. He (Vozzek) suggested a long time ago that the flashbacks, flash forwards, and now flashes sideways are not real, but rather memories that have been tampered with. Like in Harry Potter or Minority Report.

Every flash we see is really the result of the action that we just saw or are about to see. So in this scene when Sayid says ‘Sorry’ to Nadia about the vase, he’s really saying sorry to MIB in the tampered memory. And because Smokey knows what Sayid wants more than anything, that’s who Sayid now sees in this tampered memory. This made my head hurt for the longest time, but this episode, and the Substitute really made me consider and now begin to possibly accept the idea that this IS what is happening and always has been. So for example Nadia is really MIB in this flash, and Helen was really MIB in the Substitute, that’s why she had black finger nails. I’m not saying I’m totally on board with this idea, but it’s really starting to gain some ground with me. Go back and watch these two episodes, and just consider that when Nadia talks it’s really MIB, or when Helen was talking to Locke it was really MIB.

Why would MIB do this? Well it’s simple, to make the players of the game not want to be in the game anymore. If there is something that they love and will leave the game to be a part of, then MIB is all for it. He never wanted them to come to the island in the first place based on his season 5 finale talk with Jacob on the beach. I’m also saying that Jacob could be affecting these memories as well. I don’t have examples as of now, but you get the idea. And since we know that Smokey scans people’s memories it seems to fit better on Smokey as the culprit. Ok so that was some heavy theory, that most everyone will think is nuts, but that’s ok I don’t blame you, I didn’t like either for the past year or two.

There is a man in the jungle –
As Sayid returns from his knife regifting party with Flocke we see Dogen standing next to some WATER, and it’s raining WATER too. Sayid comes back and much like Flocke did tells the others what he wants regardless of Dogen or Alpert’s wishes or role of leadership. Sayid tells them that Jacob is dead, and because of that none of them have to stay here any longer, and they’re now free. Well that’s the lie, they never had to stay there in the first place, but they chose to. Sayid says this man is leaving the island forever and they can all go with him if they want. Sounds like Jack’s sat phone plan in season 4, that didn’t end up so well, and I’m guessing this wont either. Stewardess Cindy asks what happens if they stay, to which Sayid tells them they’ll die.

Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket, save it for a RAINY day -
Kate is wondering the temple halls trying to find Claire, when Lennon (whose acting got really bad in this episode) asks when Kate got back. But all Kate wants is to find Claire. So Lennon takes her to Claire’s glee pit, where Claire is creepily singing children’s songs. Claire is straight crazy…Sclaire is the creepiest character to ever be on LOST in my opinion. And with only 12 episodes left, I think it may stay that way. She makes Rousseau look like sweet Mother Teresa.
Kate then says the dumbest thing possible to Claire, by saying, “I took him” Are you kidding me Kate, did you just hear her singing? Oh well I can’t stand Kate anyway, so I’m hoping this leads to her demise, but I’m sure Sawyer will stop her, or maybe even Flocke will so he can use Kate as motivation to get Jack to do what he wants and leave team Jacob. Lastly Claire gives Kate an ominous message that, “I’m not the one who needs saving”and“he’s coming” and then smiles with her psycho Sclaire zombie smile. Man I get the heebie-jeebies just thinking about her.

Everything is, was, or will be the same –
I’ve been saying it all season, and we get another example of it here. The events and roles are always the same, just different people filling them. Lennon tells Cindy that there is no need to leave the temple, because it’s safe there. But Cindy quotes Sayid and says that because Jacob is dead it can’t be safe they need to leave and not risk it. This is the exact same thing that happened in the Season 1 finale where everyone left the caves because they weren’t safe, and the Others were going to come get them. And the big black pillar of smoke in the distance was a sign that it was going to happen again.
Sayid says he has to “return this” about the knife, this has a dual meaning. In the MTL he has to return the knife/favor to Dogen. But in the ATL he has to return the knife/favor to Keamy who was going to kill Sayid back in season 4 before Ricardus Alpert killed Keamy. So the universe course corrects itself and Sayid crosses paths with Keamy in the ATL. Despite Keamy’s joker like offer to make Sayid eggs, Sayid isn’t interested. Keamy threatens Sayid in classic Mafioso style, but Sayid is Sayid and kills all three dudes. Then he hears and banging coming from the walk-in fridge. And instead of Ben being locked in the food pantry in season 2, this time it’s Jin. Who I think is the good person in this ATL, and Sun is the bad person.

Dogen’s story –
While Dogen’s character was a bit short lived for me, I’m glad we actually got to know his back story. We learned that Jacob went to him and offered him his boys life to be spared, but could never see them again. This is in direct opposition to how MIB works, who only offers you want you want and can’t have. Then Sayid kills Dogen. Lennon comes in and scolds Sayid for killing the only thing keeping IT out, and that Sayid just let it in. Thus Sayid becoming the Trojan horse in the temple. Zombie infected Sayid cuts Lennon’s throat, and then looks proud as a boy scout.

Bring some ribs, cause it’s about to get real Smokey in here -
Then the trumpet like sound of Smokey is heard, and BOOM the ground explodes and Smokey goes on a rampage. Killing more others than a blindfolded Michael with a gun yelling “Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalt”, ever could. Again we see Miles here seemingly knowing more than we thought, knowing exactly where to go and what to do in the temple, but how? Kate says she has to go get Claire. Miles happens to go exactly where Ilana, Lapidus, Sun, and Linus go? This was strange for me, it almost seemed forced. But it’s ok LOST allowed few minor ‘lapses’ once a season or so. Kate finds Claire and is able to jump down the ladder a split second before the Smokey train comes rolling above carrying others off to their demise.

“Sayid, c’mon I know a way out of here, there’s still time.” Ben says as if he was talking to his little boy. To which zombie Sayid replies, “Not for me”. Ben slowly backs away in terror. Miles again is asking weird questions to the other Losties, he asks Sun, “Where’s your husband?” Like she’s supposed to know. Why is he asking this? Again something seems out of place with Miles, something is up. Sun exclaims, “He’s alive!?” Again strangely Miles says, “Yeah last I saw of him.” What the heck is going on Miles, is Jacob talking to you or something?

Ilana, Sun, Lapidus, and Miles get in the passage to the secret club house just a second before the camera and audience get enveloped by Smokey. This was a cool affect; it was like being Dr. Venkman and getting slimed. We never see what Ben did after walking away from Sayid.

What a beautiful singing voice you have –
Next we see zombie Sayid walk through the courtyard full of dead others, like he’s Rambo, while we listen to Claire’s creepy “Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket it, save it for a RAINY day.” The lyric here reminds me of the scripture (Luke 10:18) that talks about Satan falling from the sky. Then zombie Claire strolls out through the flaming massacre like she’s walking to her car after shopping at the mall. Next we see Kate walk out kind of scared but kind of ok. She picks up the nearest rifle and walks out in true Kate fashion, not giving a crap.

Sayid and Claire walk up to Flocke who appears to have a RAIN cloud just above him, and give him the knowing smile and top it off with a “sup homie” head nod. Finally Kate looks at Flocke with a face of ‘what the heck?’. I then realized this is the first time Kate has seen Flocke, because her, Jack, and Hurley were sent back to 1977 and have no idea what’s going on with Flocke. Flocke waits to see what her reaction is, and then simply turns and walks away, and his zombie other clan follows him. So in a really weird way Locke eventually has become the leader of the Others.

So let’s look at teams at this point –

Team Flocke = Claire, Sayid, Kate for now, Sawyer for now, Jin is in the hut still, and a bunch of gun toting Others.
Team Jacob = Hurley, Jack, Sun, Lapidus, Ilana, Miles, and probably Ben.

Based on the trailer for next week’s episode it appears Ben will die. It seems way to obvious for it to happen, but we’ll see. If I had to guess I will say that he digs up Locke’s body and somehow the real Locke will come back or be inhabited by Jacob now. So we’ll have 2 Lockes eventually in the same place trying to tell everyone who is the real Jacob/Locke. Also something of note, is that next week’s episode ‘Dr Linus’ will take place 3 days after the death of Jacob in the show’s time. And if Jacob is meant to be seen as the Christ like figure of the show then he will probably Resurrect on that third day somehow.

I would love to hear your thoughts, responses, questions. Until next time, thank you for reading and NAMASTE.
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