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My thoughts on the APOCALYPS3

A few facts about me: I am a console/arcade gamer. There are a few reasons for this. I don't like Windows, never have and I doubt I ever will. I enjoy problem solving but I don't have a desire to have to configure and work to play games. The beauty of console games is that I pop in a game and it works. True consoles ended with the last generation of hardware. I say this because this generation is more PC-like than any previous console generation. All of the systems have an OS. These OSes need updates in order to be stabilized, patched and add new functionality. Games can, and sometimes must, be installed to a hard drive. The DS is the only pure console of the current line up.

All of that said, let's examine the APOCALYPS3.

I'm not angry about this event. I know the Xbox has had similar problems and Nintendo has bricked consoles with their updates so it's not unusual in the current climate. While I am not angry, I am concerned. Apparently, the problem was caused by a calendar bug. This bug screwed up the PSN and this trickled down to non-slim PS3s. In the course of the APOCALYPS3, many games were not playable due to the trophy system. This is very troubling to me. Does this mean that, at some point in the future, my PS3 games will simply not work due to the trophies no longer existing? As it is, the entire trophy/achievement concept is ridiculous but, if this is true, it's actually harmful and that has me concerned.

This whole incident has made me miss the pure console days. I love that my PS2, Gamecube, N64, SNES, GBA, GB Color, NES, NeoGeo Pocket Color and Atari 2600 never needed an update. I miss knowing that my console would not be bricked due to a required system update. I miss the days when consoles were simply consoles.
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