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Activision's shenanigans

After killing The Silver Living and apparently getting into a quarrel with the top heads of Inifnity Ward, the peons who fetch the money from Activision's infinite golden COD mine, I've received another GoG notification about how this is Activision's Month (guess it's February AND March) and that Phantasmagoria 2 and Return to Krondor are now / will be available for cheap bucks and DRM free.

It's ironic really, the GoG partnership seemed like a will of good faith. Sure the King's and Space quests were already on Steam, and while Steam is what I call "friendly DRM", the GoG releases feature none of that. After the drama though, it just looks like a move to grab some bucks.

Steam wouldn't be an appropriate channel for Return to Krondor of Phantasmagoria, I think. It has some classic games, but GoG is the place to get the really old and perhaps not so universally acclaimed games. So this is just Activision wanting some bucks for old IP. Of course, naturally, companies exist to make MONEY! So it's all fair and good. But they're sending a mixed message.
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