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The Fall of Activision

I don't know about the rest of you guys, but if you have been playing video games for the past 20 years you've noticed when you started playing a video game, many times you saw "Activision" listed as the company that published the game. Between Quake 4, Mechwarrior, Tony Hawk, and many more their logo has been in games that have been made in the past 2 decades.

Also I'm sure you've noticed that most of the sequels out there have the Activision logo stamped on it. Not many games have 6+ sequels, but it appears that most of Activision's games do have that many. Activision has punished creativity for many years. If a development studio wants to create a new IP Activision gives the cold shoulder.

Here's some examples; after Harmonix finished development on "Guitar Hero 2", which at the time was becoming more and more popular, they put forward the idea of creating a game with a full band, not just guitar. What did Activision do, they said no, they must have more sequels. After that Harmonix found a new publisher, MTV Games. We all know what happened next, Harmonix's new game Rock Band which was a full band experience, became a huge hit. Feeling threatened Activision saturated the marketplace with music games, there's at least more than 7 Guitar Hero's, the most recent ones have the "full band experience" which "Rock Band" started. DJ Hero, Band Hero, and even DS versions of Guitar Hero.

Probably the most infamous example of sequels is the Tony Hawk franchise. Started in 1999 and became a huge hit with gamers and skateboarders. Featuring the most famous skateboarders at the time. Has produced 14 sequels, FOURTEEN! Fourteen games within 10 years, the most recent one being the flop "Tony Hawk Ride" which essentially killed the series, especially when it was already down on it's knees with EA's huge success with Skate.

Lack of creativity in the industry had a new form, Call of Duty. Another World War <insert # here> game. While the series may have been a hidden history lesson for kids became a huge hit. Which isn't surprising, it's a fun game to play. Shockingly, when Infinity Ward came up with the new idea of a game involving "Modern Warfare", Activision said yes to the project, with a huge catch. Instead of Infinity Ward having sole rights to develop Call of Duty titles, Activision allowed Treyarch to do so, making yet another World War game.

It was only natural a sequel to Modern Warfare would be released eventually. It did, becoming the biggest entertainment release in history, selling millions of copies in the first weekend of it's release, only to have it plagued by horrible glitches for months. After MW2's release, Infinity Ward publicly stated that they would prefer not to work on a 3rd Modern Warfare, what happens next you ask? Jason West, one of the leading people in Infinity Ward has been fired for "insubordination". While we have no idea what specifically happened I'm willing to place money on the fact that they would prefer not to do MW3.

Of course Activision, the sequel-happy company would want a 3rd Modern Warfare. Look at the history, even a game that has done somewhat decent in sales gets a sequel. Why wouldn't they be butthurt over one of the heads of IW denying a sequel for one of the biggest games released? The truth is simple, this company is a plague. It started off decent but it's saturating the market with uninspired sequels. It almost ruined the skateboarding game genre, it definitely isn't helping the music genre, what is next?

I don't know about the rest of you guys, but Activision is not getting another penny out of my pocket.
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