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5 reasons why the PS3 is superior to the XBox 360.

See, the 360 is stupid. Why? Because it's white. And the PS3 is black. And when they beat each other up the girlfriend of Gamecube came along and got hit in the stomach so hard her baby flew out of her mouth and sold a bajillion units. That's why.

I am here to prove myself right.

1. I can't play PS2 games on it anymore. Just think, now I can worry about buying ONLY Bluray PS3 games and over-priced PS1 games. Awesome!

2. No one has headsets online. Who needs teamwork!?

3. Heavy Rain. Why play a game when you can watch the game while you press buttons for stuff to happen in a specific way onscreen? Pressings buttons is for people who try too hard. Or illegal immigrant workers.

4. We get two different controllers. One without rumble and one with rumble. Why two? So we can buy a new one that costs as much as a game! Rumble was so unimportant that they added it a year later, so you have a choice on whether it's worth 5 dollars.

5. Gran Turismo. So what if it takes half a decade for a game to come out when it takes 2 years for Microsoft to come out with something simpler? It takes longer because the Japanese don't crash by accident, so getting car details for crashes involes someone who specializes in the field: Americans.

So, five reasons. Not to mention how awesome the PSPGo is. Microsoft better watch out, 'cause it will rain on them. Heavily. With rain.
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