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Jonathan Blow opens dev blog for latest game, The Witness


Earlier this morning Jonathan Blow opened up a devblog for his upcoming game, The Witness. Unfortunately, as the blog is as fresh as can be, the only thing on offer are some concept art sketches made by Eric Urquhart. The main site, which opened up late last year, is still up and providing as little information as it ever did. So be sure to subscribe to the dev blog's RSS feed to get the latest on the game, which is still aiming for a 2011 release.

Not much can be told from what we can expect from The Witness with just these few concept art renderings. The early description Blow gave for the game as a "An exploration-puzzle game on an uninhabited island." still holds true now, and one of the commenters on the blog seem to fancy the game as a take on the Myst series. Though whenever I hear the words "exploration" and "game" together in the same sentence, I always can't help but compare it to the Knytt series of indie-games. Whatever becomes of this game though, I find the mystery of the island to be an intriguing point of it, and I can't wait to find out more about The Witness.

I can only imagine the pressure JoBlow must be feeling with this game. As Jim Sterling pointed out last year, Braid will be incredibly tough to follow. No doubt everyone will be comparing his next game to his first major release, and I'm also sure that all of the video-gaming outlets will be keeping a very close eye on the progress for The Witness. Here's to hoping the pressure doesn't overwhelm Jon, and that The Witness will turn out just as brilliant as Braid did!
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