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FF13 on PS3 = 38GB. on Xbox = 18.3GB. Still the same!?

It's friday and I wont be able to join FNF. So how about throwing some job remaining discussion or how some fanboys like to call it "Flamebait."

First to clear things out since now there are so many new people in the c-blogs I barely recognize their names, want to make my self a bit transparent as to who i am around these neck of the woods, I am a FF addict, not so sure about being called a fanboy since I do reject some FF games I don't like, but an addict yes. I also am a PS3 addict and many of you will call me a fanboy. That's fine I don't really care as to when I see people spewing anger words at me it makes me smile for some odd reason.

FF13 has a big controversy thats coming out next month as to will it be the same on both the Xbox and Ps3 or that one will be better than the other. While S-E might promise you all they want that both are quite identical, one thing still doesn't make sense to me. Kotaku just released a nice insider info on how much disc space contains both versions.

"The Xbox 360 of multi-platform role-playing game Final Fantasy XIII is shipping on three discs. For those curious as to how much space installing the game on the Xbox 360, read on. According to website Ve3tro.com, the totally optional install for all three discs is:

Disc 1: 5.9GB
Disc 2: 5.8GB
Disc 3: 6.6GB

That's a grand total of 18.3GB. In comparison the PS3 version, the game data is 38GB."

So while Square Enix promises they are both the same, how come the space difference is almost double? Is the BRD version have something we don't know? are the music / texture files raw quality instead of the optimized version of the 360? Or is it the install size smaller than the actual size of the 360 DVDs? if this was true, the max a DVD can output is almost 10GB (I know I am off by about 2 gigs, but just giving extra credit), but it is 3 discs so if we were to take that reality, that would mean 30GB in total in the 360, the PS3 still has 8 more gigs of WHAT!? Just doesn't make sense to me.
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