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Pop'n Music Wii comes to Europe - Why I hate it

[warning, the following is by an avid ps2 pop'n player who hasn't played the wii version]

Pop'n Music is one of those games that is identified by the controller. And the most fun part of the game is to smash away at those huge colourful buttons. Whether it's a Konami official controller, pop'n minicon or a homemade controller (mine on the right) it's a must have to fully enjoy the game as intented. I mean we get dance pads for DDR and guitars and drums for Rockband. Why not for this one? Waggle away says Nintendo. I for one thought Nintendo would be all over this one. Another plastic casing to stuck your wiimote into.

Here are some picks from the NA songlist: It's raining men, ABC and Ace Of Spades '08... At a glance the list amounts to somewhat 3/1 ratio with american songs outweighing the original japanese ones. Okay, I enjoy some of the song choises but as I looked at the ones previously mentioned I shook my head in disappointment. To look for something positive at least the dlc so far has been superb (let's just hope we get it too)

There's a second problem I have with the music. It's not keysounded. As with guitar hero you complete the song by pressing the correct notes as instructed. Otherwise you'd be listening to a bland background track. Instead what you get here is an added sound effect of a drum being hit or some similar sound as you would get when playing Taiko No Tatsujin or Donkey Konga. THE SAME SOUND EVERY TIME

Gone with the old classic pop'n skin and in with the new abomination. Pop-kuns surely get lost in this mess of a "stage". Miis dancing in the background *shudders*. Further making this purely into a party game is the fact that there is no scoring. Just three trophies: one for passing, one for 100% bar and one for full combo. And why is it that pop'n wii must have the same wii-like menus every other game has?

At least Beat'n Groovy looked like Pop'n Music...
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