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The top Dtoid SF4 players (360), and some thoughts on the Dtoid SF community


Now I'd like to share some thoughts on the Street Fighter Dtoid community. There are about 10 of us or so who constantly talk about SF in the forums. Go to the games forum and you'll see the proof of how nuts we are about it. As of this writing, the top three most active threads in the games forum are Mass Effect 2 at 742 posts, Demon's Souls at 904 posts, and Super Street Figher 4 at 3,041 posts. Most of those are made by the same ten or so people.

Super is coming out soon, and we want you to join us.

If you're worried about not being good at the game, don't be. WE WILL HELP YOU. You can only get better by playing, and most of us are willing to offer advice as we play. I have been helped in this same way by our top players, and it has stepped my game up considerably. I am a far better player since I started playing regularly with KD Alpha and de BLOO.

Once Super comes out, there will probably be a grace period where we're all fooling with the game and doing the new challenges and learning the new characters, but it won't be very long before we start getting more serious about these ranbats. I personally want it to be a regular thing, and I'm inviting everyone reading this to be a part of them.

So keep your eyes peeled on the forums and c-blogs, and start practicing. Also, feel free to hit me up for some matches in the mean time!
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