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Okay, so now I hate my college class MORE.

Sit down, because this is a mindfuck level of complications.

See, I have Aspergers. It's a form of autism, except not full-retard. A government program called DORS(Department of Rehabilitation services) pays for some of my tuition. They won't pay, however, unless I am taking 12 credits worth of classes (4). How the fuck is a kid with a mental disability supposed to do as much work as people who don't have problems? Whatever.

Anyway, as my previous blog on this issue stated, I am not doing too well in one class. If I drop it, I have to pay the money back. Again, because I dropped out the last time. But that's not all!

See, I work at the college library, which is considered getting college aid (or something). If I have that, then DORS will pay for part of the tuition. If I don't have 12 credits in classes or do this job, I get no money from DORS. Perfect.

"But wait," you may say, "what if you saved up the money from the job and used it to pay off DORS and avoid a bad grade?" Well, that's where my health insurance comes in!

Well, it isn't mine. I'm 19 (20 in a week) so I am over the 'leech off parent's insurance" stage. I don't get sick too often (anymore) but when I do, it hits hard. I can't pay for the insurance because I can't afford it (my salary cap per year at the library is $5000 and I can only work 20 hours a week). So I should get a better job, right? But then I don't get financial aid!

Fuck it. Sorry if I come off as bitching, but this is the only blog I post at, and I needed to rant.

Now to slave over some Object Oriented Design homework. Yay.
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