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Watchcast #1: Because you really need another podcast to listen to


Just because we want so desperately to be cool, Watchtower Industries brings you our very first podcast! Now, I can only assume that you're thinking two things: "What the fuck is Watchtower Industries?" and "Do I really need another recording of jerks talking about video games to listen to?"

Well, for starters, Watchtower Industries is currently a silly little website that I created for the sake of little more than brushing up on my HTML. However, I'm hoping Watchtower Industries will evolve into something much cooler (what that is, I'm not even sure yet). The name is a play on the name of the house in which my friends (and I, come this weekend) currently reside, the Watchtower. Once the biggest party house in a college town, it has been reduced to housing a bunch of gamers that rarely party anywhere near as hard as its past residents. Regardless, I can think of few things more fun than living with all my best friends in the Watchtower.

As far as the second question goes, yes. Yes, you need more recordings of jerks talking about video games in your life because we all know you have no real friends to talk about video games with. We're all you got, shut-in.

For our debut podcast, my good buddies and soon to be roomies Tani and Sparks join me in a discussion about the recent influx of retro revivals. Also, this podcast marks the beginning of our Game of the Month Club idea, which is by no means an original one, but it's great way to force some good games down the throats of people who have yet to play them.

This month's game is Kirby Super Star for the Super Nintendo, which is a fucking excellent game that you should all have played already. If your mom dropped you on your head as a child and you grew up too stupid to have played it already, this is a great opportunity to do so. Be sure to hit up your local game store for a copy or failing that, you can get Kirby Super Star Ultra for the DS, which is a fine port. Next month when we record our second Watchcast, the three of us will be discussing our mushy gushy feelings about the game and we welcome you to do the same. Shoot us an e-mail at watchtowerindustries at gmail.com between now and this time next month and maybe we'll read your mail on the show. Because I'm sure it's been your dream to have internet strangers speak your online handle on their own little backwater podcast.

So, without further ado, hit the link below to download the podcast in all its awful-quality-first-podcast glory. Sorry for the lack of streaming, but I have yet to get such a thing working for me. Hopefully next time!

Click Here to Download

Song Credit:
Outer Space by Ronald Jenkees
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