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You should crawl like the snake you are

Does anybody else revel in crawling around on the ground, unseen?

I'm crawling around the bottom of the corporate ladder as I write this. But really, what I'm talking about is going unnoticed in natural settings. I love this stuff in games, and I love this stuff in real life.

Were I playing Metal Gear Solid 3, my favorite game for crawling around and hunting and being real friendly with the soil and grasses, I would ask a similar set of questions. Will this shot alert the guard if I miss? Can he radio in for help? Will others see him drop if I succeed? Can I get to his fallen body and shake him down for items without being seen? Is he going to see me if he keeps approaching? Should I just get past him?

I had similar considerations playing paintball against my friends ten years ago. I crawled 200 feet along a drainage ditch to get around them without being seen. The limited vision you have when in grass six inches above your head is stifling. And really kind of exciting. You have to work so hard to see anything. You start to listen a lot more, and to create a picture of where everything is in your head, where you can see. I like when games reflect that phenomenon too.

I'm down for suggestions on other games that do a good job of this so I can get my crawl on.
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