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My Expertise: The Tekkenverse


Yep that is right people if there is one thing I know I am a expert about it's the Tekken storyline and yes there is a storyline. In all that jumble of characters, deaths, kangaroos and bears is a storyline that makes a M Night Shyamalan movie look normal. Never fear for I am here and can tell you anything and everything about the world to Tekken.

I am good at Tekken but I am nowhere near a tournament level fighter but my expertise isn't about the gameplay or the art of kicking ass in Tekken but it's about the story and the characters that inhabit Tekken. My first encounter with Tekken was Tekken 3, after church my friend Regina invited my over to play some videogames and she asked me if I have ever heard or played Tekken, before this I never heard of Tekken and decided to play. I fell in love with the game and it's characters except Eddy, fuck that guy. We played it the entire time I was there, we also played Tekken 1 and Tekken 2 and I loved the game series even more. After going home I decided to look up more info on Tekken and that's when I found out the story on the current three games and needed to find more info. After finding out the the story I would tell my friend what I learned and then we would try to understand what was going on in the story.

Sadly not having a PS2 I didn't have a chance to play Tekken 4 but that didn't stop me from checking out how the story continued and what happened between T3 and T4. They added more characters and even more story that made the game even more confusing and interesting at the same time. For example Steve Fox who has added in Tekken 4 is the son of Nina Williams, I really don't understand how since Nina was cryogincally frozen. She was orignally sent out to kill Steve but after finding out she was his mother decided not to. Funny thing is Namco hasn't continued that line of story but instead carries on the Nina and Anna fued.

One of my favorite fueds in the Tekken storyline is Jin and Hwoarang, besides the fact it does get a little bit gay but that makes it alot more fun. Both of them were added in Tekken 3. Jin joined the tournament to find Ogre and avenge his mom Jun who he thinks is dead, offically Namco has listed Jun Kazama as missing and not deceased. Hwoarang enters the tournament to kick Jin's ass because during some time before the tournment these two were in a street fight and Hwoarang lost, so up until Tekken 5 Hwoarang has being a bit obessed with beating Jin. At the end of Tekken 5 Hwoarang finally beats Jin but Jin turns into Devil Jin and horribly beats the shit out of Hwoarang, continuing this in Tekken 6 Hwoarang wants to beat Devil Jin. I really do like this story since it seems Hwoarang can't get a break.

I know many people don't play fighting games for there story but Tekken's story is so ridiculous that I can't help but learn about what the hell is going. It even gets more ridiclous when namco decided to throw in Lars and state that he is Heihachi's half son, I really don't understand how this happens but damn I really want to find out. So when Namco decides to make another Tekken and when they add more characters and more plot twist and what not, you all better believe that I will be reading the new bios, new reasons each character has for fighting and trying to piece it all together. Tekken I will never get tired of your craziness. If anyone has any questions about the story or characters go ahead and ask, I will try to explain it the best way I can.
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