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Why the NES is not a real gaming console


The NES made serious gaming back then worse

The NES came with things like light guns, robots and a mat that you put on the floor to hit buttons with your feet. Serious consoles simply stick to a controller and don't branch out. You could even buy an arcade stick and a modified controller with a disc instead of a D-Pad, a boomerang grip, and four face buttons. Its horrible because other systems started to adapt these sorts of things into their console, and it made so many bad controllers happen! These new controllers and control types lead to new games like Halo using dual stick controls, San Andreas using many button on its controller, and Modern Warfare 2 using a ergonomic grip with the PS3 controller. This was not a good thing!

The NES did not have strong sound or graphics

Without greater graphics power, nothing appealing can be made on this console. i doubt you would ever remember anything created on it, as there are not orchestral scores, great big explosions or voice acting, like in 50 Cent Bulletproof or Darkest of Days, which, because of technology, is better than anything that could be made on the NES.

I hope I have helped you learn to discern a real console from an NES.
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