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If God of War III replaced Zeus with a Slurpee, you would understand my anger.

So, Sony decides to try and promote God of War III by making me buy Slurpee's to get stuff that doesn't matter in the long run, but as a fan boy, I must try to obtain. Mainly, the Dynamic Theme and the costume. I have 4 points currently, and you get 2 per cup. I am only 2 points away from the dynamic theme.

Of course, when Sony is involved, good ideas go horribly wrong as it's nearing the reward.

There are two codes to type in: one from the cup, one from the website, much like one would type when joining a new message board. Except right now, it is not showing, yet it is asking me for the code.

Goddammit, Sony. I want you to stop having good ideas. Have bad ideas and let them go in reverse, because that's how your good ideas go. In reverse. Into the wall of frustration.
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