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RetroforceGO! - The cassettes


So a while back in December I sent the Destructoid HQ some christmas presents (see previous post). And among them were five audio cassettes for the RetroforceGO! crew. As I am unsure of whether they will be delivered to the hosts I decided to expand my explanation of the project here and to shed some more light on my decisions.

jump to the end if you just want to look at the pretty pictures

Why compact cassette?
= That's an easy question. Since we are dealing with a podcast of retro video gaming It was obvious that CDs were out of the question. Besides I still use cassettes to record stuff from the radio. I also collect old VHS tapes as I like the artwork.

Of covers
= All of the hosts have their own likes and quirks so it is only right that the covers represent that also.

Of music
= I tried to put everyone's favourite game music and also some of my favourites on each tape. Granted, I don't remember all the episodes by heart so there might be some major misses on my part. But that's why the labels format is RFGO-XX. Who knows, maybe there's a sequel to this... I also tried to put the songs in release order but I didn't bother checking it very thoroughly as there wasn't much time so that I would meet my deadline of december 10ish. Donkey Kongs, Mega Mans, other legends and the not-so-known Live-A-Live are heavily presented in all tapes. All the songs should be from retro titles but I did allow myself to cheat with some of the picks. As soon as I completed this tens of songs came to my mind that I forgot to add. As said in previous blog. Making this introduced me to many great never heard soundtracks. Among others: Nights, Klonoa and Thunder Force.


Dyson and Metroid just go hand-in-hand. That's a definite choice. That is also represented in the cover. Nice and simple for the great ringleader. After the obvious pick "Theme of Super Metroid" I started to draw a blank. Delving more deeply in the shows would have surely filled the list more accurately but I just chose to fill it with generally awesome songs. Some special selections of mine include the theme of Mine Bombers (Finnish made bomberman like game with wide arsenal) and the first appearance of an awesome artist, Saitama Saisyu Heiki (S.S.H) in the remix of "Decisive battle" from Final Fantasy 3.


Chad's personal track is the song he opened RetroforceGO! episode #6 with. The opera song from Final Fantasy 3 on the SNES. The cover also simply details this wonderful moment in SNES cutscene history. Notice the Epoch flying just below Concelmo. I included some disney songs in there also. Special choices on this include the Metal Gear Solid theme from beatmania GB and a remix of Big Blue by S.S.H


Then we move to the shmup expert whose cassette starts with Ryu's stage music from Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo. When I added this I just had to add Dj Sharpnel's version of it also. Now this was a fun cover to make. At first it was a simple idea of a shmup of sorts but soon more and more stuff got added. Beedog, the Ikaruga warning, slurpees, Miku and the Konami score. I tried to pick shmup songs in particular but only managed so few with other great songs taking their place. Special songs on this are S.S.H remix of Try To Star from Gradius III and the final boss' theme from Touhou 10: Mountain of Faith. I kinda got carried away with Thunder Force 5 (but the soundtrack is soooo gooood).


We start this one off with the Chocobo song from Final Fantasy 5. Colette's love for chobobos extends over to the cover also. Depicted as a white mage summoning(?) Chad to destroy an enemy cactuar with airborne dolphins. Sounds illogical but it was too good of an idea not to do. On this one I preferred rpg songs over others. Special selections include the danger song from Clocktower on the Super Famicom, Rhythm Tengoku Gold remix 10 and theme music from Puzzle Quest as suggested by doifX.


Lastly we come to the youngest member of the show and start of with a yet another SSF2 Turbo song, Chun Li's stage. Same as with Topher, the Sharpnel remix just begged to be added. Since the Street Fighter stage picture was so vertically limited I added an extra touch to the otherwise boring black background. Mister Destructoid as Q is just a given with the SF theme. I should have searched more puzzle game songs on this one. Special song is the hilarious title theme from Ballz 3D, fighter on the genesis. (subtle detail in all the insides, I added Stella to the rubik cube)

Dyson's covers:

Chad's covers:

Topher's covers:

Colette's covers:

Stella's covers:

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