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New rule: Don't talk about sh*t you don't know first hand.


I like to think as a father of three, I have levels of patience and tolerance that normal people without children ( or superpowers ) do not possess. Meaning that I usually let things slide off my person, no matter how irritated I may be by whatever action is causing discomfort. Typically it's just not worth the effort to address but occasionally something will penetrate my wall of Zen clean through to the point where the only way to mend it is to grudgingly air out my grievances. Usually when this happens it involves a minor infraction of my own personal pet peeves. I don't have that many and the ones I have are rather peculiar. Like say people who use But I digress liberally in whatever they write, as if sprinkling those three words in their blogs ups the intelligence factor of it. Others, like the one I'm about to reveal, need to be passed as a law. Seeing as congress can't get their collective heads out of their asses to pass anything remotely substantial, let's just make it a community rule.

*New rule: Don't talk about shit you don't know first hand.

I'm well aware that everyone has the right to talk or blog about whatever strikes their fancy and that I, am in no way the Grand Poobah of the Internetz where you are to be subjected to my authority. I'm also very much aware that the majority of blogging is not journalism but just because those two things are facts doesn't negate that if you are going to talk or blog about something, anything, you should y'know, know what the fuck you are talking about, preferably firsthand. Nothing invalidates a point of view or opinion more to me than it not based off of your own impressions but that of others. Example: that game sucks because so and so said so, forget that you haven't even looked at the start up menu of the game. Yet you proceed to enlighten us and piggyback your own opinion about how it sucks too, based solely on what you heard not at what you personally experienced.

Now to be fair, the game may very well suck but to me, you not having any time with the game at all makes your opinion irrelevant as well as pretty much null and void. I know in this day and age of Metacritic that the majority of gamers are basing their purchases on the percentage as a whole the game gets from reviewers but when they are adopting others opinions of the games as their own, its a bit ridiculous. Especially if they're going to school us with a blog about it. Really? You're really going to go there? I don't care if it is well written or not. Its shit. That goes to praising a game too that you haven't pressed start to. Or say analyzing two different games and tying them together from a gameplay point of view when you haven't even played one or maybe even both games in your post. Sure you may have sourced links about others views but to draw a theme or conclusion from that instead of arriving that on your own seems lacking in authenticity.

To me that's as preposterous as blindly agreeing 100% with a game reviewer's game review without a spec of thought or reservation. I don't know about you but I won't talk shit about a game unless I have played it. I may be hyped about it and say so but I certainly wont agree or disagree or even take a point of view regarding it with anyone. I haven't heard or read anybody's words who can Pied Piper me into an ill informed stance like that. Typically I just internalize what is said and continue forth, until a time will come where I can actually contribute my own firsthand thoughts or opinions on the matter.

See the thing for me is, I want to hear what you have to say, what you have experienced, not an echo of others. If I wanted what somebody else thought about a game or something related, I would be reading their blog. Not yours.
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