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Penguin-Review: Sands of Destruction


A storyline that works if you don't take it too seriously, an ever-evolving battle system that is quite fun to play around with, and graphics that fall squarely under the "meh" category...this game has "cult-classic" status written all over it. As much as I enjoy an RPG that isn't number XVILLVIIXIXIII, there isn't enough spit-and-polish to fully recommend this game to anyone at its current price tag. While fighting is fun, enemies (especially bosses), tend to make way too many moves in one turn, which will piss some folks off when they're doing battle with stronger bad guys. The battle system itself is very slow going at first, as CP gained is pretty scarce.

But if the diehard RPG gamers interested in a fresh idea on a handheld, and can stomach a group of hiccups along the way, Sands of Destruction has the battle system to keep you interested. Just wait for a price drop.

Score: 7.0
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