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LOST recap S6 E3: What Kate Does (NVGR)


Wrapping up LOST S6 E3 – “What Kate Does”

What Kate didn’t do is die last night, still waiting for that.
I’ll start off this week by saying that I 99.99% cannot stand Kate, so anytime the episode that revolves around her I’m usually upset by the end of the episode because of all the times that I say, “aah”, or “Ugh”, or “dude” during a Kate centric episode. Now that we got that out of the way I want to address the feeling of “filler episode” that many people are talking about. I disagree I think the awesomeness of last week’s episode created a natural let down no matter how good or not good episode 3 was. Plus add in the fact that most Lost fans can’t stand Kate and there you go you have a recipe for a feeling of a letdown.

Ok on to the recap. The first thing we see is Sayid sitting up again and asking (in his real British accent mind you) “What happened?” I’ll tell you what happened ‘Sayid’, you either forgot you are supposed to be playing an Iraqi character, or you ain’t Sayid. I’ll go with the later. By now I really hope we all can agree that nothing aside from Juliet’s blood stains in the S5 finale happen by coincidence, every minute detail is planned and positioned in LOST, so the fact that Sayid is speaking in a non Iraqi accent is a huge red flag with fireworks coming out of it, that Sayid is not Sayid. So until proven otherwise I’m going to call him Fayid.

I am the egg man, you are the walrus.
After the room stops fighting like the Brady boys in the pool house, John Lennon in shock storms down the ancient Temple hallways to find the boss man the Japanese ninja-badass, as I like to call him Dogen the Shogun. When Lennon finds Dogen he is in the middle of finger-peck typing a “Dear Jacob, what I want in the afterlife is...” letter on the oldest typewriter I’ve ever seen. When Lennon let’s Dogen know that Fayid is ‘alive’ he does what he did last week, clenches his necklace. I’m guessing there is something besides a piece of rice with the name Jacob written on it. My instincts tell me it’s Dogen’s source of protection against smokey, or his constant that ties him to Jacob. Also something of note is here and last week Dogen is wearing a bracelet. It is not the same one that Elsa or Naomi was wearing, but I’m going to guess that it ties him to which side of the dark/light war that he is dedicated to. If you forgot about Elsa/Naomi’s bracelets here are the screen caps.

Before moving on I want to share a theory I have about the whole Dogen/Lennon & Alpert/Linus relationship. There are many similarities between Dogen/Alpert and Lennon/Linus, but there are also some vast discrepancies. Namely their use of technology the Temple others posses nothing that uses power/electricity. Not even Dogen’s nipple shocker is plugged in; it has to be hand cranked to get the diagnosing juices going. http://getlostpodcast.iimmgg.com/image/193e8c6f3e21588ac48c9b026d3f4ae3

So my theory is that Alpert and Linus are training to be replacements for Dogen and Lennon should they ever need to fill those roles? But Linus clearly isn’t ready for the devout temple life just yet. Again just a theory, but I trust my gut when I comes to LOST.

After Fayid comes back, Kate asks, “How is that even possible?” What Sawyer says next is very telling of what the Island may be. Sawyer says mostly out of anger that the love of his life is gone, but I think there is a much deeper meaning here. He says, “Of course he’s fine, he’s an Iraqi torturer who shoots kids, he DEFINITELY deserves another go around.” Considering that the original name of the show was “THE LOOP” before it became “LOST” points to the idea that the Island is a place where you are brought, and stuck there UNTIL you redeem yourself, much like Charlie was allowed out of ‘The Game’ that is played on the island between the gods of the different civilizations of the world.

Strangers in the night, exchanging glances, strangers in the night.
Next we see Kate totally cutsies the taxi line, and what do you know she’s in Claire’s cab. After pulling a gun on the cabbie and telling Claire to shut up, the taxi has to stop because clumsy Arntz dropped his luggage in the crosswalk. While the cab is stuck there Kate looks to her right and sees Jack standing there on his cell phone. They both have a moment of déjà vu, Kate makes a weird face and Jack takes the phone away from his ear for a second like he wants to talk to her. Why didn’t they have this moment when they brushed against each other on the plane you ask? Well because they hadn’t yet met in the main island timeline, so their alternate timeline selves couldn’t have the feeling of deja vu yet. Then the cabbie drives away and Arntz yells, “I got your license plate!” Which was 4DQS554 in case you were wondering. Then the cabby bails and Kate starts driving, and almost gets hit by the same car that was in the accident that Locke suffered that landed him in Jack’s hospital care again.

Meanwhile back at the temple, Shogun Dogen wants to just ask Fayid a few questions. But Jack as usual causes himself and the other Losties to suffer physical harm, rather than cooperating, admittedly with good reason at this point though I would say. Then Sawyer busts a few rounds up in the air for shiggles, and tells everyone he’s leaving, and not to follow him, and skulks out the temple door. Then Aldo comes in like John Wayne bossing people around to calm down? Aldo? The dude who was guarding the door to room 23 when Kate, Sawyer and Alex busted Carl out? That Aldo? Sure thing tough guy. Something of note in this scene is that all the Others are brandishing WWII weapons. Lennon asks where Ford went. Wait, how did he know his last name? Hmm... Interesting. Jack doesn’t know where Sawyer went, Kate is willing to go after him, and Jin says he will help, but more so he can find Sun than Sawyer I’m guessing. The only reason I can think of why they let them go after Sawyer is because he was on Jacob’s list, so he needs to come back to the temple for a shot at redeeming himself.

Everything has changed, but everything is or will be the same
I know after seeing 3 episodes of season 6 know that this is the theme of the final season of LOST. In the next scene we get a perfect example of this. Kate speeds into the lot of an auto body shop and pulls a gun on the guy working there, who at first sight looks a lot like Tom/Mr. Friendly/Gay other. Fake Tom takes off her cuffs just like the real Tom did. Kate then asks where she can change, just like in the S3 premiere where Kate showers and gets dressed, before having a nice breakfast on the beach with Ben. Next Kate goes in front of a mirror, much like Jack did last week, where she opens the bag, but this time instead of finding a summer dress, she finds a bunch of baby clothes and towels. Because no matter what Kate is going to eventually be a mommy to Aaron again, even in this mirror reality timeline. Because even though everything has changed, everything is or will be the same. Just as Mrs. Hawking said to Desmond about the man in the red shoes, the universe has a way of course correcting itself.

As Kate and Jin are packing their backpacks like so many others did in season 1, Jack comes in and sits down next to Kate to talk to her before she heads out. If you look behind Jack you will see a huge stone relief on the wall of Jesus and the disciples. I remember seeing this relief in an art history class, but can’t find the original online anywhere. But here is the screen shot from the episode. http://getlostpodcast.iimmgg.com/image/31d6b0327de4a7406caa56d776d373d7
So we’ve seen Greek, Egyptian, Christian symbolism in Jacob’s house under the statue, and in the temple. In the end the island could be the place where all religion came from on earth, or just where people from all over the world have created tributes to their gods.

What goes around comes around in the loop of LOST
Sayid once again finds himself strapped down and being electrocuted, but this time it’s the old fashioned way, where no car batteries are needed, only a temple style hand crank. But I don’t this his music box fixing skills can save him now. Dogen starts his diagnosis of Fayid to see if he’s real, he’s Jacob, or if smokey is in there. He starts by blowing the sacred ash of protection over the wound, once there were no visible smokey leaks, he gives Fayid a jolt, and next Dogen does his best jerky boy impression and goes in there with the hot poker. I think this was the test to see how far gone Fayid was to the dark side. Much like the same reason Richard told the others on the beach not to shoot Flocke, because that would force him to change shape and become the smoke monster. Based on Lennon and Dogen’s conversation Fayid failed the test. Which means bad things for everyone.

Kate then realizes what she does, and goes back to pick up Claire who for some reason is just sitting at a bus stop in the hot LA sun. And so it starts again where Kate is destined to be there with Claire when she has Aaron.

While Kate, Jin, Aldo, and Justin are traipsing through the woods Kate asks why the others want to keep them in the temple so badly. Aldo then gives us one of the only straight answers of the episode. That the others are trying to protect them from the “pillar of black smoke that makes a tick-a tick-a sound when it’s pissed off.” As soon as Aldo tells Justin to shut up, I knew he was destined to die. Kate almost walks into a trap, that apparently isn’t Rousseau’s, but who’s could it be?

Back in Dogen’s pharmacy –
Jack tells the guards to step aside and they gladly oblige. Jack tries to find out exactly what Dogen did to Fayid only to be told that Fayid is sick. With what you ask? Well there’s no literal translation for it, but the closest thing to describe it would be, “infected”, according to Lennon. Then comes one of my favorite lines of the night from Jack, “But he doesn’t even have a fever”. Jack, Jack, Jack…do you remember being on Ajira flight 316, and then suddenly you’re in 1977? Ok then, time to start doing and stop questioning Dogen the Shogun. Next comes a big clue to the rules of the game of LOST. Jack asks why Dogen doesn’t give Fayid the pill himself. Lennon responds, “Because it won’t work unless he takes it willingly”. Just like all the other moves in LOST, they don’t count unless the pieces of the game do so willingly. That is why Christian Shepard couldn’t help Locke get up and turn the donkey wheel. Because Locke had to do so willingly. Dogen then tells Jack that giving Fayid the pill is his chance to redeem himself. Because that is what happens on the Island, you play the game until you redeem yourself. Jack asks what will happen if he doesn’t give Fayid the pill, and Dogen responds, “Then the infection will spread”. If the infection spreads then we’ll probably see Fayid much like the rest of the French crew who tried to kill Rousseau because their hearts became overrun with darkness/smokey.

Second favorite line of the night, is Miles saying, “We’ll be in the food court if you need us”. That maybe a quote from a movie (mall rats?), or maybe it’s a clue about the many variety of gods to shop with at Other Temple Mall.

Jin finally asks Kate the question that many LOST fans have wondered about for the last six years, “Who do you care about Kate?” And as her stupid Winnie Cooper self, she doesn’t answer and just runs away. And that is why I and so many of us hate Kate.

Looks like the psychic was correct, Claire was supposed to raise the baby herself, because the family in LA was one that wouldn’t have been best for Aaron. That’s why the psychic told Claire to go on the flight, because he saw her crash and live on the island.

Back in Dharmaville Kate finds Sawyer getting a ring out of box he put under the floor boards. The ring he was going to give Juliet.

Meanwhile in LA the nurse in OB Triage is saying that the doctor is going to be right there, much like in the jungle back in season 1. Kate walks out of the room to find a doctor, and who is it but everyone’s favorite OB, Dr. Goodspeed, son of Horace Goodspeed the Dharma leader. How he is alive and on the main land now is to be seen, but maybe it’s because Dr. Chang’s evacuation order got him and his mommy off the island. It seems as though not living on the island has made Ethan a pretty normal dude, who doesn’t like to stick pregnant women with needles like back in the Staff Dharma station. Then something crazy happens. Claire blurts out, “Is Aaron ok?” even though she didn’t even have a name picked out at that point. Again it’s the other timeline’s events bleeding over into the new alternate LA timeline. Based on what we’ve seen so far in season 6, apparently we’ll be seeing DARLTON’s theory of why people feel déjà vu, and frankly I love it!
Dr. Ethan then says, “I have a feeling that Aaron is going to be a handful”. I’m excited to see what that exactly means, but I’m sure we’ll see it. Then Kate and Claire hold hands and share a moment, and Kate has a look in her eye like maybe she’s going to be good in this timeline. Because no matter how much I hate Kate, I’m sure at some point the writers are going to redeem her somehow. I mean look at Michael and the bomb on the freighter, he redeemed himself for killing Libby, Ana Lucia. Again reinforcing the idea, that once you are redeemed you die on the island. So I’m guessing Kate will die this season, because she is the main character with the most redeeming to do. So it’s going to take something big.

Dogen’s Gyro ball
Jack walks into Dogen’s room chamber and sees him spinning a baseball. I’m guessing that has one if not two meanings. One, to remind us that the Redsox won the series and to think about if that will happen in the new timeline. Also that Dogen played baseball growing up in Japan, and wishes he could go back to that rather than being stuck on this crazy island he was trapped on. I’m going to guess that Dogen came to the island during WWI or WWII looking for Jughead, just like the US military groups did. Dogen’s crew went mad from the sickness like Rousseau’s group, but he was spared by Jacob and now resides in the temple. Just a guess really.

Jack wants to know what’s in the pill, but Dogen says much like Locke did in the hatch, “You just have to trust me”. But then again believing has never been Jack’s thing, so he decides to take the pill himself. Which sends Dogen into an awesome ninja rage that ends with him giving Jack the Heimlich maneuver till he spits the pill out. Which finally gets Dogen to spill the beans about the pill that it contained poison. Now what that poison was intended to Fayid is something we may never know, but I’m guessing it was to kill any traces of smokey inside Fayid.

Kate do you see where honesty gets you? When you told Claire the truth she just gives you her credit card, you don’t have to hold a gun to her pregnant face to get what you want. Because regardless of how persuasive you are when you want to be, if you would just be honest and face your issues a lot of people would have been saved a ton of problems and heart ache.

I Claim Thee in the Name of Darkness
Sayid has been ‘claimed’ by darkness Dogen tells us, the same as it did to Jack’s sister. Now Jack hasn’t seen crazy Claire so he probably doesn’t fathom what the means, but I’m sure he will be heading out to find her soon, and bring her a pill.

Lady of the Wood, aren’t you Galadriel to See Me?
While Jin stops to take a cool sip of island stream water he gets ninja grabbed by Aldo and Justin. Aldo just wants to shoot Jin, but Justin says, “No, we can’t, he’s one of THEM”. Them? I’m guessing people on Jacob’s list, so they are essential to the end game Jacob has in mind. Will they be redeemed or will they refuse to help remains to be seen. But what doesn’t remain to be seen is that Claire is a damn good shot with a rifle, even though her cat lady hair is covering her eyes. When Jin recognizes Claire, her head seems to hurt a little bit with that certain feeling of Nostalgia. And once again Jin is found by a crazy woman of the wood. Will she freak out on him? I think so, will she kill him? Probably not. I do think Kate will show up and start talking about Claire’s baby Aaron. That is when Claire may go Rousseau on Kate and pop a cap in her though for taking her baby, just like Alex was taken from Rousseau. Oh the cycles of LOST, so many pieces in the game, but so few roles to fill in the game. Because as I’ve said before, this season we find out that, “Everything has changed, but everything is or will be the same.”

Miscellaneous things I caught –

- The flashback sound that we all know so well is gone; it is now the sound of a jet engine when we go between timelines. It makes me wonder if the flashback sound all along was just the jet engine being played in reverse.

- Claire’s ultrasound CLEARLY shows a date of 10-22-2004, almost a full month after the original flight 815 flew. So I think it’s safe to say the new timeline moved the flight back a month.

- Jin’s complementary Dharma bag for spending $50 bucks at the Dharma gift shop.
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