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No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle: What are friends for?

This post is dedicated to one of the least important non-boss characters of the game: Bishop. You know, Travis' murdered best friend? That guy. Admittedly, this blog may not be long, but I keep hearing how Travis doesn't care about him, and I ain't quite sure of that.

Most of that line of thinking comes from the first NMH: All he did was deliver Travis' motorcycle to him when he called. His only use. He was a shop owner, yeah, but that was his only other function. Pretty useless, right?

Well, yeah. He was useless, pretty much. Just as useless as Travis.

See where I'm going with this? The only reason Travis is more interesting than Bishop is because he's the main character. Bishop is as big a nerd as Travis, only you don't see his figurine and trading card collection. Notice all those movie posters in the Beef Head video store in the first game? One for a Star Wars ripoff, at least one for Pure White Lovers Bizarre Jelly; pretty nerdy.

But, you may say, Bishop never called Travis about the late fee's. He always made his assistant, Diane, do it. Well, yeah, friends should look out for each other, right? Maybe Bishop just didn't care, or maybe he liked Travis enough to not worry about the late fee's.

And when he delivered the bike, he didn't get pissed off; he was happy to see Travis. How awesome can a friend be if they're happy to see you when you ask 'em to do a dumb task?

The second game, however, is far more subtle, but much more poignant because of it. Travis kills Skelter Helter, brother of Helter Skelter, which in turn causes the #1 ranked assassin to put a hit on Bishop's head. a gang of hitmen kill him and deliver his head in a big through Travis' window, causing him to be angry to the point where 4-letter words cannot fully show his scathing hatred.

So the whole game is him getting revenge for Bishop's death. However, there are two different things to do: Kill the #1 ranked assassin (you'll be doing that anyway), or kill the hitmen who killed him. Going an extra mile for a friend? Seems typical, but that's also a sign of deep friendship in any form of action media, I think.

Finally, the proof of them being the best of friends: the dual Beam Katana, Rose Nasty (or something like that). Sure, it's only Beam Katana, but you know who gave it to Travis? Well, technically Shinobu did, but she got it from a friend of Bishop who wanted to deliver it to Travis. Now, I said this in a previous blog, but what does the Beam Katana represent for Travis? If you guessed 'Penis,' then you know what I'm talking about! It ain't my theory about Travis' sexuality and the Beam Katana go hand in hand, but it's pretty definitive, and it explains the dual Beam Katana.

See, one blade is Travis', one blade is Bishop's. Bishop is fighting alongside Travis with the dual Beam Katana, which is the fastest, strongest and fastest-recharging of all the Beam Katana Travis can get, and he got it for FREE. Really, I'm starting to wonder if Bishop had a crush on Travis. Seriously.

Anyway, yes, this may seem a bit far-fetched, but Bishop was too awesome for me to just think he wasn't any motivation for Travis.
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