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Special Edition Consoles.

I was thinking recently, what is peoples stance on special edition consoles? and i dont mean the mainstream ones, i mean the niche ones. i'll mainly be showing the DS in this post (cos of its diverse range of limited/special editions), would you want to have a system that just showcases your love for one game?

Or would you rather have a base colour, a system that doesnt jump out to people, a modest yet humble game console. For me its the latter, but looking at some pictures i think some are quite eye-pleasing.

Here is a select few:

Gundam Wing RX-93 Edition.

Honyee Matt Finish DS Lite, sold on the website for 2 days or so.

Club Nintendo Japan: Premium Black Edition (A Black Nintendo DS Lite with a Mirrored Top, limited to 1000 units to be purchased by Platinum members, There is also a Premium Silver and Premium Rose.)

DS Lite: Nigo; a Bathing Ape Edition, now out of all of the ones featured in this blog, this is probably the one i would actually buy.

GTA: Chinatown Wars Edition, if i remember correctly this was a special edition that was sold at launch in a Gamestop in NYC, but i'm not sure, it comes with Chopstick Styli' though!

DBZ Edition, i am not sure of the origins of this, but it kicks ass at any rate.

Pokemon Giratina Original Form DS Lite, available through the Pokemon DAISUKI club in Japan, i quite like the simple design of this one.

DSi Systems:

Pokemon World Championship Edition DSi, This was limited to 125 units to be given to the top 125 players in the World Championship League 2009, it is pretty rare.

Gyakuten Kenji DSi, obviously for the release of Gyakuten Kenji, AKA Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth.

Kingdom Hearts DSi, i like the pattern quite alot on this one.

So yeh, this is what i would call the "limited edition" DS lites, what do you think of them? which ones do you like the post/would actually spend money on. For me it would be the Nigo: Bathing Ape edition.

Over and out.
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