DeS: Sephora makes esports debut with GIRLGAMER
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Ignore the last Blog: Soup.

For some reason i cant hide it or delete, frickin' internet >.>

Anyway, i'm not good at introductions, but i'll try.

Sup, my names Jamie i'm from the UK, i suppose ive been into gaming since the Sega Genesis era, first game i ever played was Ren and Stimpy on Genesis, (Aha, what a pro game), i love Anime and Manga to, currently reading Bleach and Naruto (reading mind, cant stand the actual anime). I do cosplay, but its only a bit of fun.

i own a PS3, 360, Wii, PSP, PSPGo, DS, DSLite, DSi, (soon to be DSi XL) and some other retro consoles.

My favourite and in my opinion the most versatile platform is the DS, i do love those touchy feely games. n__n.

So yeah, a bit of a brief introduction, like i said im no good at 'em.
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About FliByFowone of us since 2:21 PM on 02.11.2010

Hi, i am Tite Kubo and i'm here to kick ass and take names and i'm all outta games.

Soup, my names Jamie, a pretty cool guy from england, UK.

i do enjoy games in every size shape and form, i cant be considered a fanboy for one system which is good.... i suppose? anyway i work in engineering, which i do enjoy, my favourite gaming company if i had to choose one would be Nintendo if only for the nostalgia in which its name brings.

At the moment my favourite consoles are the Nintendo DS and the Xbox 360.