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My Expertise: I WILL DO IT!

I am simple. I do not think too hard. That means that giving me an RTS or a turn-based strategy game will result in me losing. Always. Geez, I've never finished a Disgaea game and Prinnies are my favorite creatures ever.

However, I have beaten ONE game in the series: Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero? Simply put, I beat it because I didn't have to think. I had to react. I had to conquer everything in my path through instincts alone.

So, I think this means that I suck at directing any more than one THING at one time. A better comparison, possibly, is MAG, for the PS3: I am at a high enough level to command some troops in a level, but I won't. Want to know why, going Pew Pew is more fun to me than thinking where to launch an air strike on.

One last example, single-player wise, is Demon's Souls. I beat the game (after 40 FUDGING HOURS) because all I had to do was conquer what was ahead of me. Sure, there were a lot of other things in the game I had to get out of the way, but all I needed to do to overcome those things was learn and react accordingly.

So, uh, yeah. My expertise is not thinking and doing what needs to be done. Maybe that's why I suck at FPS's outside of MAG and Alliance of Valiant Arms? >_>
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