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[PNVGR] Rock Band Needs: Devin Townsend


So I kind felt like posting that we need some Devin Townsend in Rock Band.

Dunno why, but he seems to be up for the idea according to his twitter.

Also he is a metal SUPERGOD! This fact is undeniable.

Wait, now I know why. I just bought tickets to his tour in Australia and I wanted an excuse to post some FUCKING AWESOME MUSIC!!

"Rock Band Needs" might become a regular thing as to introduce gamers to music they've never heard. Although Devy is pretty well known for his tendency to be nerdy (weird for a metal god such as himself) so many may know him. I don't feel like I need to go into detail on the Dev, but speak up if you want it.

So, because you enjoyed this so much, go HERE and suggest the Dev.

By the way, no one is forcing you to read or listen so just enjoy the music for what it is. If not please refrain from killing someone else's good time (mainly mine).

So anyway, I'm out of things to say, so I'll upload this now.
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