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AvP Multiplayer Fix Wishlist

I really, REALLY like the new AvP. It�s a fun, tactical and intense experience all delivered in one neat little package. It�s not perfect though, and the following are a few things that I think Rebellion should definitely consider �fixing�.

Insta-kill Conga-line of Death!

Probably the funniest thing to just stand by and watch in a multiplayer match is the congaline of death. Once another alien and I just sat on those two vents in the main room and watched EVERY SINGLE other player enter in to the conga-line. I know Rebellion wanted you to have to think before doing the instant-kills, but obviously people don�t want to think about it and just want to execute a cool death, and seeing as they are such a big part of the game, it only makes sense to balance it a little.

The solution:

A simple buffer. Give the executor 1.0-1.5 seconds before they can be executed so they have time to turn around - if they�re smart. You can still ATTACK them while they are performing these moves, you just can�t execute them . This prevents the conga-line and encourages people to use melee tactics for at least some of their kills.

No auto-aim for hand to hand combat, thank you very much

The way The Predator and Alien so viciously auto-lock on to things when in close combat is, to put it bluntly, really lame. It removes any kind of skill or fighting element from the game and turns it in to somewhat of a button masher, only it�s less satisfying on PC because we are just clicking a mouse. The Marine gets no auto-aim so why should they?

The solution:

Remove it. Or at least lower the massive �snap� feeling you get while trying to fight so that you actually have to AIM at your target instead of just button mashing/clicking in their general direction.

One giant leap for man

(Picture unrelated, it�s just awesome)

You have a pack, 3 guns, armor, helmet, combat boots, etc... I get it, you are a big heavy guy, but a midget with no legs can jump higher than you. Seriously. You literally can�t jump more than a foot off the ground, so what is the point of even having it? It doubles as a climb button, sure, and that�s handy sometimes, but when I can�t get up on to something that meets my knees it starts to get really annoying.

The solution:

Give the Marine double the jump height he has now and it will actually be a useful asset. Forcing players to walk around tiny obstacles like a 2 foot ramp is just really irritating and arbitrary. The marine could lift his leg higher than that.

What, you ain�t ever been hit before?

What is with every race not being able to attack while being attacked? The Alien, Predator and Marine can�t fight back until they block or play out the recoil animation, and that is just balls. Why can�t I swipe wildly for lesser damage, or fire my gun in sporadic, innacurate bursts? This isn�t a boxing match, but I�ll be damned if I haven�t been caught in a fisticuff circle with a Predator a few times; blocking, punching, blocking, circling, etc.

The solution:

If I am hit by a Predator as a Marine, I should be able to continuously fire my gun while being pummelled. The few shots I get off could be the difference between life and death. Likewise if I am an Alien and I get attacked I should be at least allowed to flail my tail around or randomly swipe. It would feel a lot more like fighting for survival.

/ beep \ beep _ beep: /_\

The Plasmacaster is probably the most overpowered weapon in the game, giving the Predator the ability to dish out 1 hit kills from a long distance with splash damage. Combine that with the fact that you remain targeted despite line of sight and that makes it one tuff little fucker to beat. I know I've gone a whole match without dying once after getting that weapon.

The solution:

They could do a few things really. Make the plasma ball smaller with less splash damage, give it a slower movement speed, or lose targeting when line of sight is broken. Any of these would be a good step towards balancing that weapon, because as it stands it is devastating, especially to Marines who can�t just leap out of the way.

Open servers

I�ve never understood why any game would not allow people to enter games while the server is up and running. A lot of people don�t want to sit around in a lobby waiting for a game to start, they just want to jump in, and a lot of people just leave mid-game because they are losing and the match ends up being 1v1.

The solution:

Allow people to join games in progress. It�s not an outlandish request. It�s been standard for a while now with most games having the feature, while only a few make the mistake of not including the option. I think the MP will really suffer by not having the option to let people jump in to a match.

I know most of these will never see the light of day, but hey, a man can dream can't he? Hope you are all having as much fun with the game as I am! Hope to see your entrails soon >:D
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