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Hello from Hong Kong! A.K.A. I'm not dead!

Hey all,
Puppy licks here,

Just thought I'd give everyone a heads up from mah travelin' adventures and offer a friendly note that I'm not dead yet. Yay!

I've been busy with all this travelling business and rocking it out in Hong Kong, not to mention planning the next stage of my adventures, but I have also managed to get a little bit of videogame-related stuff incorporated as well.

Just over a month ago while here in Hong Kong I was lucky enough to be around for the Asia Game Expo for 2009, funnily enough while the show was a moderate size the admission was dirt cheap. So I went along to see what all the fuss was about.

I'm assuming this is a guy, but judging by the she-Cloud in the background I really should be assuming nothing.

And that's about the most gaming related thing I have been doing since leaving my dear Nanny-state home of Australia. I also paid a very brief visit to a Hong Kong arcade (SFIV withdrawls man), but I will provide more substantial details if I return there again for a longer visit.

Apart from that, there's not much else to say. My DS is getting a lot of love, I'm watching my bank account slowly draining and never topping up again, and my girlfriend, my bro DanMazkin and I are getting ready for the next leg in our adventure; South East Asia, then Europe, then the US.

I'll try to make it video-game related if I can, but I'm making no promises, otherwise we'll just see you all in LA for E3 (Dtoid Party FTW), and San Diego for Comic-Con (got mah ticket!).

Either way Dtoid, I hope all is well with you all. I'm spewin' I'm missing out on all the podcasts (and our own too, good old RC, *sniff*) and Cblogs, Forums, comments and shenanigans. Just remember that while I'm rarely commenting and posting nowadays, I'm still watching.

Kinda like ceiling cat.

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