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Late Things: Introductions and Resolutions

Well, hello there, Destructoid, I'm a long-time lurker, first-time poster, and you can call me Juuu. :] I'm happy to be here. It's nice to find a community centered around posting all sorts of news and opinions on what they love. <3

First off, a little background on me. My name is NOT a religious insult, nor am I actually Jewish, though it is funny when people assume. It's a cute little nickname a friend gave me that quickly stuck, probably because it's easier to remember than my full name, and it's rather funny to watch people give you "The Look" when you yell out "Hey, Juuu! Get over here!" in a crowded public place. :]

I made this little blog for a few reasons. One, I love writing, and I clearly love rambling. Two, I love video games, as well as the community of people involved with them, and three, I need an outlet. An outlet for my geeky musings and rants, a place to put them where someone may actually be interested in responding to them rather than giving me a blank stare and turning away.

I've been a nerd pretty much since I was born, but you can read my little bio if you feel the need to learn all of those details. For now, I'll move on, to avoid boring the rest of you. [Isn't it cute how I assume people are reading this? :3]

Considering I've finally gotten around to joining this little community, I suppose I should talk about another thing I've been meaning to do for a while: Finish a game. I'd like to say I've built up a pretty good library of games throughout the years, but I've come to the realization that I've finished less than a third of them. Being a busy, busy little student, my time for games has been reduced to tiny, half-hour bits on the weekend that even I'm not sure are really happening, or if they're just daydreams of all the things I'd like to be doing rather than Chemistry and PreCalculus. So, my New Year's Resolution is to start cleaning up my insane game backlog! There's a lot of good stuff coming out this year, but why bother playing No More Heroes 2 when I'm barely halfway through the first? [a crime, I know.]

I also wanna go back and try to play more of the really good games that I've missed over the past few years. Even if it's just a weekend rental, there's so many games that were recommended to me that I'm positive I'd love, but I just haven't played yet. How bad is it? I played Bioshock, which I had been looking at for ages, for the first time a month or two ago...how embarassing. and I call myself a super-nerd.

But that's enough of my rambling for today, so I'll wrap this up quickly. It's nice to be here, and I hope we have a wonderful time together. :] Please be kind to me, as I am still a bit of a n00blet. ^^; And if you have any reccomendations for games I should catch up on, by all means, let me know. I play a little of everything, but you can find my favorites over in the bio. No PS3 games, it's the one current-gen console I didn't invest in. ;]

Thanks for sticking with me! ^^; I'm sure I'll make this blog prettier eventually!
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About GeekyJuuuone of us since 2:02 PM on 02.06.2010

y halo thar, you can call me "Juuu". I do all sorts of wonderful geeky things, but my favorite is playing video games. :] I'm not picky, I'll play a little bit of anything as long as it's fun. But in case you need to know, here are my favorites: [in no particular order, of course.]

Survival Horror
Music Games
RPGs [though I don't know why I bother-I can never finish them...]
Visual Novels/Text Adventures/Whatever you'd like to call them.

Fatal Frame
Devil May Cry
Silent Hill
Ace Attorney
Harvest Moon
Pop'n Music
The World Ends With You

Being a student, I don't have much time to play these days, but I try. So what exactly is it that I'm trying to play right now?

DeathSmiles [360]
Pokemon SoulSilver [DS]
Half Minute Hero [PSP]

In case you'd like a little more background, here's the long story short:
Growing up as a tomboy, I spent more time as a child playing outside and trading pokemon cards than playing with dolls. A close childhood friend persuaded me to try playing PS1, and it was good. I recieved my very first console for Christmas, however, I mostly used it for licensed titles. The love affair didn't start until another friend persuaded me to try Super Mario 64.
And it was wonderful.
Since then, I've been taking great pride in nerding-out over game news of all sorts and wasting precious hours and dollars on games. Currently, I own an SNES, N64, PS2, Wii, and 360, as well as a DS and GBA SP, and I love them all like children. <333 I'd probably go after them first in a fire as opposed to clothes, pets, family heirlooms, ect. XD

I guess I'll add more as I think of it, but as for now, how bout you ask me things if you're curious? :]
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