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Rhythm games and oversaturation [shortblog]

I'm playing a bit of Guitar Hero: Van Halen online right now. You know, that game that you only own because it was free with a Guitar Hero 5 purchase?

Well, I suppose about 64k people in America did buy it, but I doubt any of them are on Destructoid. Because you people have good taste...mostly.

Anyway, there's a Game With Developers event where you play with the developers of the game and whatnot. I've run into a few of them and they're nice people. But for a majority of the game modes, you won't find anyone to play. Here's a brief rundown of what happened when I searched through each online mode to find players.

Band Quickplay: 3 people at the most, never a full band. EVER.
Co-Op Guitars: I found one person and played with them for 4 songs. Backed out and picked it again, found the same guy. So, I can scientifically concur that only one person plays this.
Face-Off: Played against one person on Easy while on Expert. >_<

The rest of the modes were barren. In fact, I've noticed this for a few recent Guitar Hero releases. Almost no one is online! I'll probably never get the Band vs. Band or some of the more complex Band Quickplay Achievements because no one plays the games any more. And I blame oversaturation. There's so many games on the market that appeal to...pretty much no one. Despite the quality (or lack thereof) of these games, no one's buying them. Or, they buy them, play for a weekend, and tire of them.

Guitar Hero 5 and The Beatles: Rock Band were excellent games. The former is arguably the best in the series (after II, of course) and sold less than 1 million copies in America last year...even though it (kinda) came with a free, $60 second game if you bought it new. The Beatles: Rock Band, in addition to being insanely polished, added plenty of cool new features that should be included in Rock Band 3 (I want harmony vocals support!), but sold well below expectations. And Band Hero..well, I don't even want to talk about Band Hero. I'll get angry.

So, what am I getting at here? There's too many damn rhythm games coming out, and the craze is dying quite fast because the general public can't afford all of them, or they're just losing interest because a lot of the games have minimal improvements over each other. Harmonix and Nevervision (Actisoft?) aren't making money because they get the majority of their revenue from hardware sales, and approximately no one on Earth doesn't already own a set (or two. Or three) of instruments. As a rhythm game fan, it just saddens me.

...Taylor Swift stole all of those fuckin' Grammys. Band Hero should have a minigame where you throw sharp objects at her.
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