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Anticipated Wii Games of 2010


I have been planning to make a list of Wii Games to Look Forward to in 2010 for the past few weeks, but its February and here it is. There is already way more here than I could possibly play in a year, and we have not even heard E3 announcements about what is coming out in Q3 and Q4 2010. January saw Tatsunoko vs. Capcom and No More Heroes 2 land on the Wii, and I encourage everyone to pick these games up. They're excellent.

Bit Trip Runner
If you're unaware, Bit Trip is a series of games for Wii-Ware made by Gaijin Games that feature chip-tune soundtracks, rhythm-based gameplay, and retro graphics that echoes the days of the Atari and NES. Bit Trip Runner will see Commander Video in a 2D platformer with over 50 levels.

Flip's Twisted World
The first time I saw Super Mario Galaxy I was enthralled by the fact that I could fully move around a spherical planet. Even though I've never been a huge fan of 3D Mario titles, as a platformer enthusiast, this resonated with me. Flip's Twisted World takes that concept and gives you control over your environment by rotating the world around you.

Red Steel 2
If I were merely basing this off of my impression of the last game, then Red Steel 2 would be no-where near this list. However, the prospect of motion plus controlled swordplay, and the interesting samurai-wild west aesthetic has me cautiously optimistic.

Sin & Punishment 2
If you can handle another rail shooter in your Wii library, then check out this follow up to Treasure's bullet-hell N64 cult classic.

Super Mario Galaxy 2
More Super Mario Galaxy.

You put a Wii-remote in a stuffed toy. This is the greatest idea EVER!

Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll
Sega's Super Monkey Ball has been a favorite amongst my college friends since the discovery of its Gamecube iterations and how fun they can be when amplified by a certain psychoactive. While I believe that the series climaxed at Super Monkey Ball 2, I am interested to see how the introduction of the balance board will affect gameplay.

Mega Man 10
After the amazing reception that Mega Man 9 received when it hit consoles in 2008, is it any surprise Capcom decided to make a follow-up?

Trauma Team
Altus' latest entry to the Trauma Center series is not only moving in a new direction with six different fields of medicine but also removing the irritating time limit in favor of precision on the part of the player.

Zangeki no REGINLEIV
I am not too interested in this bloody action-JRPG, other than the fact that it is Nintendo that is publishing a Cero D rated game. Will Nintendo of America bring this game stateside? If other mature Nintendo-published titles like Disaster Day of Crisis and Fatal Frame IV are any indication, the answer is no. Still, Nintendo fanboys can always hope.


Monster Hunter Tri
Monster Hunter Tri is the third console outing of Capcom's immensely popular series. Not only does the game look great, is the highest selling 3rd party Wii title in Japan, but also is the eleventh game in the history of Famitsu to receive a perfect score. Look out for this beast in April.

And there is always the specter of Zelda Wii and Pikmin 3 looming on the horizon.

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