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The Story of Three Gamers (and their Supporting Cast)

Disclaimer: The characters described below are fictional, and any similarities with any real person are entirely coincidental. And funny.

This is a setup post for three characters I'll be using to set up examples of different people's reactions to different topics I may post in the future. I came up with them in a previous post to set examples on how people select the games they do. They grew on me, and I decided to set this post up.

You may call it a Character Profile Page, if you wish.

Bob is a hardcore Xbox 360 fan who also owns a PS3 and a Wii, and follows all news and information on different games online on a constant basis. He also enjoys gloating, has a superiority complex and believes his opinions about games are highly informed and are thus unquestionable. He also uses Windows Vista and owns an iPod, a Zune, an iPhone and a Blackberry, which he gloats has over nine thousand contacts. (I just had to use that meme.)

John used to have an Xbox 360, which unfortunately broke in a tragic episode. After failing to repair it, he grudgingly converted to a PS3 gamer. Due to his debates regarding the superiority of their selected consoles with Bob, a certain commenter noticed they might have some feelings for one another, which may or may not be explored in a future update. John is also an online troll, who takes pleasure in sending what he thinks of as inferior Microsoft fans into a flame war with him. He believes he is the smartest in the group and will never fail to state that information when he gets the chance. He is also prone to fits of bitterness, as seen with his recent disposal of his PC in favor of a Mac after Microsoft "screwed him over."

Steve is an idealist, who believes all people, and especially gamers, should work toward world peace and harmony. He is the observer character of both Bob and John, and often exaggerates his reaction toward their rivalries, as seen in his decision to give away all his consoles, except for the Wii, when things got out of hand between his friends. He is also the social person, the glue that holds them together. He prefers not to make plans, and not to fall victim to the shifts of technological trends.

A gamer girl who is neither pretty nor ugly. She enjoys playing online and has to deal with the hassles of communicating with lesser men and young boys who believe that no real girl can exist in a gaming environment, therefore she must be a figment of their imagination or a guy in real life. She is a good friend of the guys, hanging out with them online and offline. She is smarter than some might credit her for, and is often frustrated while trying to repair the relationships within the "gang." She carries an iPhone and is also known to actively use it as a gaming platform.

Karl is the unpredictable person. He has all three consoles locked in a secret chamber concealed by the darkness of his basement, where nobody else is allowed to enter. He has a dozen active accounts on both the Xbox 360 and the PS3, and his "friends" only know of one. When he does show up, he feeds on adversity and pushing others to clash with one another. He has a beaten up old Nokia phone model which he swears he will never replace, even if offered all the Blackberries and iPhones in the world. He sometimes chooses to be friendly, if he sees a need in that. Otherwise, he is the ultimate jerk of the cast. Recent events encourage him to fuel the flame war by bringing his multiple personas into the scene.

That's it. That's the primary cast. Hopefully we'll see them come up as examples in my upcoming blog posts, and I do plan to use them.

By the way: One of the characters is loosely based on a friend I know in real life. Feel free to guess which one it is.
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