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PAX EAST: Updating you on WHY YOU CARE

So it's been a while since I've seen any real PAX East love on the c-blogs. It's almost as if people don't think that this party will be every bit as awesome as PAX Prime. Well, I tried to tell you before, but that was a while ago, and there are some new things you need to know. So here they are:

1: The Return of the Greatest Concert Series Known To Man

We've got a Google group, we've got a few forum threads, and hell, we've practically got our own unofficial Dtoid hotel for the con. Turns out Kauza and I are on the same damn flight into Boston. Plans are being made. Drinks will be had. Friends will become intimate lovers. You DEFINITELY want to be in on these shenanigans.
The list of confirmed community members grows daily. The Google group membership stands at 73. I'm not totally sure which staffers have confirmed that they'll be going, but I do know that I'll be able to ask Brad Nicholson about his shoe size in person, AND Nick Chester can give me shit for making fun of his speech impediment. Now I just need to figure out if I can buy Topher that beer.

Sufficiently excited yet? I know I am. This thing is only about SIX GODDAMN WEEKS OUT.


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