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You a Hustler? Are you a HUSTLER?


In that classic scene of The Color of Money several things occurred that are balls out cool. One: Seeing Paul Newman reprising his role as Fast Eddie was a treat to this film buff's eyes. Newman was one of the best actors period, back in the day you actually had to have acting chops to be in the business unlike now where a pretty face will get you in the door and Newman had enough chops to be a certified blackbelt. Two: anybody can get hustled. Even the best of the best. One could say that the artistry of billiards lends itself quite easily to the act of hustling. To conning. So why not make a billiards game built around that mechanic in place?

Enter the PSN game Hustle Kings.

Prior to your Hustle match you challenge a person for 'X' amount of dollars, he accepts and off you go. The game shows the other player what you have to play should you choose to and even lowball the figure too. For example you can show to them that you have only 100,000 you're working with instead of the million plus you may have. That way he may think you're a scrub and he's more apt to bet more on the rematch should you choose to lose on purpose. After every match you're thrown back onto the lobby where you can have an immediate re-match say for double or nothing.

There is nothing more satisfying then wiping someone out of their money in the game. See all the time you're playing your career mode everything is all perfect as far as conditions go. Most of the time you don't have to worry about how long you're taking to make your shot so for all intents and purposes the game may pose no big challenge. That all changes online. Online you have a set amount of time to take your shot against your opponent. Mess up and don't take your shot and you may as well scratched. Not only that but because most people will be either just as proficient as you in the game or leagues better ( which will be the case ), missing a shot is the harbinger of having someone run the table on you or vice versa. Wait til you think you didn't leave your opponent a shot and he pulls a trickshot out of his ass to end the game. Or you do to some chump who has been banking shots left and right, and he misses on the nine ball or eight and you run the table and win. So kickass.

The game is also one of the few to support custom soundtracks, so if you want to throw on some Eric Clapton while you get your Hustle on, be my guest. You Tube uploading is in there as well. Want to keep that replay of that trickshot you did in Career mode well go ahead and do it. You can do that with whole matches if you want. Here are a couple that I did.

So is this game the end all be all game of pool games? Well its at the top but there is one thing that boggles the mind that wasn't included. Voice chat. Wut? You include all these features and not include that? On the online lobbies you have a text chat option and technically if you wanted you could create a text chat room prior to playing so you can umm... text to each other, really.? On a brighter note the devs said that video chat is in the cards and on the way via DLC update patch ala PSN Poker so that's good for then. But then again you'll be too busy concentrating on your game to talk. Though I know me, when that patch comes, I'll be shit talking like crazy.

Bottomline: If you even remotely like pool and have a PS3. Hustle Kings is a no brainer. Priced at 9.99 on the PSN store its hard not to pass it up. But if you're not a pool fan, never were, this wont change your mind to buy a billiards game. Unless of course you think you can hustle and if you do I just have one question for you and be honest.

Do you think I need to lose weight?

Sidenote: A bunch of Dtoiders and I will be playing this game tonight around 10pm EST. If you care to join us drop your PSN name below and an invite will greet your inbox tonight.
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