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EUFNF 29/1/10: Death Metal Rooster Edition


Here is a video of a rooster singing death metal. It amused me, so I thought I would share it with you.

EUFNF is a thing where European Dtoiders and other inferior people (see:rest of the world) play videogames together and generally have a bit of a laugh.

This week's game(s) are:

Halo 3 (Heroic map pack required) - If you like the shootings then you should enjoy playing the Haloes. As well as the occasional ultra-pro MLG deathmatch, we will generally play a lot of infection gametypes, from the classic Sandtrap zombies gametype to avoiding objects flying down a corridor.
Host: GT JGibbo08 - message me
Time:10pm GMT

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Demo - I don't know if this is any good yet (it is still downloading) but then it is free and it has helicopters.
Host: GT JGibbo08 - again, message me
Time: 9:30pm GMT

If you would like to host your own game, post your details in a comment. A PS3, Wii or PC host would be nice.

That's a wrap. See you soon.
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