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My opinion of The Tim and Eric Awesome Show. Great Job! (Real Blog Version)

(For those that saw my last blog Post. That did just belong in the forums so I got rid of it. I had little sleep and stupidly just posted a sentence explanation to the beautiful photo at the bottom of this blog. Here is a real blog version.)

Here are my impressions of this show from a couple months ago. I had rented a season of the show and watched maybe 6 episodes of it.

"I have seen the worst television show EVER MADE. This travesty of a show is called "The Tim and Eric Awesome Show: Great Job!". Look. I like stupid humor. I like randomness. This show is soooooooo stupid and soo random that it is unwatchable and completely lacks anything funny. Please do not subject yourself to this terrible show. If you find this show funny I lose all respect for you as a person. I will never be able to understand the handful of people who think this show is some new revolutionary masterwork of sketch comedy. In reality it is a low budget show where 2 idiots wander around drooling overthemselves and make their show terrible because that is their whole joke. They make their parodies of stupid crap just as stupid and craplike as the things they are parodying. That does not make a good show. It is not clever. It is just stupid and craplike. This show makes me angry just thinking about it.

The anger I just experienced from thinking about this show at least made me momentarily forget about the gas attack I am fending off. This is the first positive thing I can say about the show."

I hated this show so much that I banned the people I talk with on messengers from mentioning it in my presence haha. Every time we discussed it, I just ended up getting angry at how stupid the show was and it baffled me as to how anyone cold claim to like it.So, to be funny, 2 of them changed their avatars on a website I frequent to Tim and Eric based ones and I became outraged. In retaliation I concocted this beautiful image that is more creative than ever episode of that show put together.

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