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What happened to the Serial Suer? And why can't DToid talk?


Remember Erik Estavillo? Perhaps his website... http://estavideo.bravehost.com/index.html...

Not ringing any bells? Here's a few. He's suing Sony for banning him from Resistance. He's suing Microsoft for RROD. He's suing Nintendo for killing homebrew channel and forcing him to buy SMG if he wants a special MarioKart character. He's suing Blizzard because apparently you can't play WoW without a subscription.... and now he's suing your favorite gaming community sites.

Once the law dawgs are unleashed, most websites immediately shut up and let the lawyers crush whoever. This is why many sites, including Destructoid, Joystiq, Kotaku, GayGamer, and even DepecheMode.com can't talk about him right now. I, however, have no attachments to DToid aside from it being a cool site what post my blog and doesn't afraid of anything.

As such, I want to say... see him in the news? Ignore him. See him in an interview? Ignore it. See him trying to use his celebrity status to do anything to move his site beyond Bravehost? Frown upon it. In fact, any communities that now interview this asshat, express your displeasure. He is a plague and an attention whore. Don't give him attention and let us all root for the many websites now under his ignorant self-entitled crusade.
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