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Gaming as an Art

I've read a lot of articles in a lot of websites discussing why games are not an art form. This is a counter-argument to that point. First off, let us define art. Based on Dictionary.com, Art is:
1. the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance.

The full definition can be found in the link above. I'll focus on the above point:

Video games are considered an art form in this definition due to its expressive capabilities and because it enjoys a more than ordinary significance. It has a lot of artistic value if you look at story, character designs, area designs and gameplay specifics that empower the player to be creative in their approach to get past any specific area.

I would also like to add my personal definition of art: Art is the broad definition of all produced works that ignite powerful emotions within you. We can all admit that a lot of games have effectively sparked different emotions while playing. Whether it's a sense of foreboding and claustrophobia in survival horror games, the glory and/or destruction of war in shooters, the sweeping worlds and epic adventures in role-playing games, we've all felt something while playing video games. You may argue that this is not the case, which is why I'll share some of the most powerful moments I've encountered during my life as a gamer.

Warning: May Contain Spoilers, but I try to keep things vague for the more recent releases.

Shadow of the Colossus: When you realize how selfish you are, but still have to kill the magnificent creatures for your own selfish cause.
Dragon Age: Origins: Specifically, if you decided to spare Loghain and take him under your wing. The speech he gives at the game's climax is powerful.
Valkyria Chronicles: A sniper shot interrupts a special, heartwarming moment. The resulting shock and sense of loss, as well as the surviving characters' ways of dealing with it, gave me an unquenchable desire to see the conflict through.
Lost Odyssey: An extended cutscene shows a happy reunion being cut short by a tragic death. I feel tears gathering in my eyes every time I remember it.
Halo (entire series): You get a sense of being indestructible many times during the story, when facing insane odds. The epic music boosts that feeling incredibly.
Gears of War 2: While rescuing the prisoners the Locust took. In two rescues, you believe your search is over and that the prisoner is saved, until they meet a tragic, if predictable end. You see it coming, but you can't help but repeatedly say "No" as you watch the events unfold.
Call of Duty 4: The nuke. If you haven't played it, you should. The depressing feeling you get when you know what's coming is overwhelming.
Modern Warfare 2: A betrayal results in one of the most awesome characters in the game to die horribly. One scene which drove me to loathe the man doing the betrayal.
Supreme Commander: The first time I saw my armies move across a huge map, I got a dizzying feeling of grandiose and power, which caused me to attack the enemy head-on with everything I've got. It was a sobering moment when I realized I had to replay the mission after I failed the first time.

End Spoilers

So, after reading this blog post, what do you think? Are games truly art, or are they not?

Additional Point I remembered as I was reviewing this post: Not everyone understands video games. You should keep in mind that those who claim it isn't art are the same ones who probably never played games.
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