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Media Go Woes


First a bit of an introduction, if you are not at all interested in this I advocate skipping to the bottom titled “Media Go Woes”. I’m what you might call a True Sony Fanboy (variants accepted: Sony fanboi, tru Sony fanboi, Twusonifenboi and omigoshPSP!!!). I own a Play Station, PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP-1000 and PSP go (getting to that in a minute) and even a Sony made TV. I acknowledge the Sony Style store (though I have never been there) as the closest thing to a Mecca that I will ever have in life. So it’s no surprised that when Sony released its little sex-bitch all DLC style handheld, I was all on board to upgrade from my old PSP to the Go, despite still having a few UMDs in need of finishing.

For the month I’ve had the system, I’ve been more than happy with its offerings. It met all the needs I demanded from it: an mp3 player with enough space to hold all my favorite workout tunes, a gaming system that I could use to play some of my favorite old ps1 games (that are no longer findable in shops) as well as some new ones, and most importantly being small and round enough that I could pass it off as a phone when in situations where gaming was not at all appropriate. That is until recently, when I came upon a handicap of sorts with the system that I’ve yet to see mentioned in any tech/product review of it to date.

Media Go Woes

To put it quite bluntly Media Go is crud. This isn’t so much an aesthetic thing or problem with interface, so much as it is a problem with Media Go being unable to properly do one of its most basic functions; tag music. Just like iTunes and I assume other mainstream music portals, Media Go uses the internet to find the name of the CD, music artist, record label, etc. Only in Media Go’s case the system is anything but perfect. Sure it will work with all your popular radio superstars like Queen, Metallica, Van Halen and Lady Gaga, but as soon as you put something remotely interesting in Media Go fails in the worse way.
The other night I decided to upload the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona soundtrack so I could gain some familiarity with the scores before playing the game. Instead of the clean crisp English translated titles on the album cover, I was treated with a flurry of half Japanese and half poorly translated English titles. Fair enough I guess, if it really bugs me I’ll manually change the titles (as soon as I figure out how).

My next album upload was even worse. This morning, I decided to upload some music from an indie band I saw play in concert last night. Instead of tagging the album with their band and song names or even the typical “Unknown” listing that most of my indie bands tends to receive, Media Go decided my album was actually a demo tape from some obscure scremo band in the UK. Despite the genres and obviously sound being completely different, Media Go was dead sure that it’s tagging was correct. I checked with a friend who used Itunes to upload this same indie band’s CD to her iPod and unsurprisingly her listing was correctly labeled “Unknown”. I find such mistakes by a mainstream music portal inexcusable and with an inability to bypass Media Go all together, this only serves to add one more flaw to an already highly criticized system. Sony why have you forsaken me?[img]
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