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The Games that Went Against Our Beliefs

We all have our convictions, our systems of belief, and our preferences. Every now and then, we get a game that offends our preferences, on different levels, that we end up skipping it over, no matter how big or popular it is.

I'm a Muslim gamer, and I enjoyed a lot of games that a lot of Muslims went against. I've played Little Big Planet when it was leaked a couple of weeks before its initially planned release, before the controversy started and the game was withdrawn and the release date postponed. I chose to play it with the sound muted in the offending level. I stopped playing eventually, due to personal frustration with some level design issues that I'm probably too sloppy to overcome. Unfortunately, the game eventually broke, when it was misplaced. I threw the fragments away and chose not to get a replacement, seeing how I've lost interest.

I picked up God of War, which depicted the story of a single mortal warrior who goes against the gods. Granted, it has nothing to do with Islam, but I'm sure Islam is not the only religion which collectively gets uneasy when we hear any mention of other gods, especially those we deem false gods. Generally, we tend to shy away from topics related to other religions.

I've also played several Grand Theft Auto games, which caused global controversy, and Call of Duty 4, which caused controversy among Muslims by depicting the entire Middle East as a war zone. Although CoD4 was banned in Saudi Arabia, it was one of the most played games in the Arab world, Saudi Arabia included, to this day.

Now, however, Dante's Inferno is coming out as a game. A little research about the origins of the story behind the game revealed that, in the story, Dante goes down to hell to save his love, and on the way through the circles of Hell, he runs into the Muslim prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) and several other key figures in Islamic history. Great leaders and thinkers that should never be depicted in any matter of degradation.

That revelation got me thinking: What would you do if a video game directly offends your faith? I downloaded the demo, and bitterly went through it once. It left a bad taste in my mouth, and I swore not to get the game. I also decided to spread the word regarding this offense among Muslims and non-Muslims alike, to inform those that are misinformed about the game.

In the end, most will probably buy this game, and many others that offend their personal systems of belief. The question remains: Would you choose to purchase every game that catches your eye, even if they go against your religious and spiritual sensibilities?
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