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My swords/weapons, let me show them to you

If you have been around the fourms(lol) or the gayness that is IRC you would know that I love to collect swords and weapons but mostly swords. I don't know why I just find swords to be very noble and a great sign of power. Most of my collection consists of video game and anime swords and I am always looking to add more to them. People have been asking to see my entire collection and now you can.

This first set is mostly my videogame/anime/movie swords.
1. Master Sword
2. Sword of Omens
3. Highlander Ramierz Katana(knock off)
4. Sephiroth's Katana
5. Yuffies Shuriken
6. Gunblade
The Master Sword and Sword of Omens are bad quality, I would love to own high quality versions of both but those cost a fuckton of money.

These two katanas are the very first two katanas I ever got, my cousin gave them to me and started my hobby of collecting swords.

Some more weapons of mine
1. A small dagger
2. Hunting Knife
3. Metal throwing cards, found out later they are ninja info cards.

Finally the pair of sai's I own.

That people is all the weaponary I have. I do want to add more because they are some pretty badass looking swords out there. The two things that I really want are a replica of the evoker from Persona 3 and a replica set of Bayonetta's Scarbough Fair, I would be happy with just two but if I could get all four I would be pretty damn happy. I am going to add more and when I do be sure that pictures will be taken
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