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My Mod Nation Racers Beta experience


Yikes! I'm still a daly dtoid reader, but I haven't c-blogged in ages! Let's try and fix that :-)

Over the holidays I was able to spend some quality time with a backlogs of games I've been wanting to play or complete. Tho that effort was almost totally derailed by my luck in getting into the Mod Nation Racers Beta. I love a good cart acer, and this seemed to offer me more than I could have hoped for, even in beta stage.

I did race quite a bit, and earned a fair number of points in the online contests. The game was far from tuned, and I fear glitches in the game lead me to win a race or two under less than noble circumstances. But the racing was alot of fun and it was fascinating how quickly you can learn what other racers' styles of play were. I anticipate a strong community following for this game's eventual release.

Wat really got me? The Mod Shop. I could customize cars for hours in this thing (and I did!). The tools were really intuitive and the cart-proportions of the cars were quite manageable and not overwhelming considering the level of detail you were able to employ in the games beta stage. What killed me was all the locked content that I couldn't make use of, which I'me sure is all part of the shippable game's career mode, and no doubt linked to some online component. How I longed for the different car bodies and parts, all the extra decals and do-dads... I love this kind of stuff! Even with the limited custom sets I think I was able to pull off some cool cars:

Sadly I spent so much time on cars that I hardly got to play with the track editor. That is where some real creativity is set to be unleashed. From what I did mess around with, I was pretty amazed, and judging from the tracks that did get on line, the sky's the limit (literally in some of those insane designs). Based on the beta, I will be first in line to get this game in its final form. I hope a bunch of you all got to check it out, too!
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