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Overlooked Games that I Cherish

We all have our niche game preferences, which rarely make it to the spotlight. With all the big titles currently being released, we can't help but look back to the games that actually impacted our lives in profound ways.

In my honest opinion, few games deserve to be remembered past one year of its release, and fewer still throughout the lifetime of those who played it. Here are some of the games that never made it to the spotlight, often due to general lack of interest in the genre, or due to its release at the same time as a big title. In no specific order, here are some of the games that didn't get their worth.

Worms (All 2D versions)

Nothing says strategy and insane fun more than having a band of worms fire all sorts of insane weapons at one another. While this may not have been overshadowed, it has been a companion to me during the late nights of Ramadan when I was in school. I remember downloading the sound bank editor and going crazy recording all my friends' sound bites and turning them (and our pictures) to fit the game.

Septerra Core

While most of you were busy playing Final Fantasy VII, I was searching for a new PC game, and found this one. It is, to me, the first RPG I've ever played. Overall, the game had around ten character skins it keeps reusing with different color combinations, and the random battle system was weak at best. Regardless of its flaws and laughable attempt of being an RPG, this little sucker holds a unique place in my heart. I will confess, I still return to it from time to time, when there are no new releases that interest me, to relive the awesome cheesiness that was my introduction to the genre of role-playing games.

Rise of Nations

Arguably, this is not an overlooked game. However, I don't recall hearing a lot of people praising it. This game was my introduction to real-time strategy games, which sparked my deep love for the genre. It was the LAN party game of choice when me and my friends came together for the first half of my college career. Friendships were forged (and ripped apart) in the crushing battles within the game, making this addictive game unquestionably belong to this list.

Fire Emblem (series)

While others are always looking for the next Mario, Zelda or Metroid on their Nintendo consoles, I patiently wait for the next edition of this series. Sure, it has a huge following worldwide, but compared to other Nintendo franchises, it's not close to getting the attention it deserves. Nothing is more satisfying in this game than beating it on Hard without losing a single character, and at the same time beefing them up to make the final battles look like a piece of cake. This is one game franchise which my friends and I keep discussing, both in person and on the phone, for hours.

Valkyria Chronicles

Perhaps the one game I truly treasure above all others in the list. To me, it took the best of all the games previously on the list. Call it an evolution, and you wouldn't be far from the truth. A turn-based game which switches to real-time within each movement in each turn, it's my dream come true, my vision of the perfect blend of strategy (real time and turn based) with role-playing (leveling up, deep story). I'm currently peeved that it may not come on the PS3, although I will definitely pick up a PSP for it if the exclusivity sticks.
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