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My obligatory "Post Christmas/New Year" blog that is way too late

Hey guys! I'm still here! Sorry to disappoint you. Anyway, how is everybody doing? And by everybody I mean all 6 or 7 of you who may read this. So it's 2010 now, and there's a lot going on in the world of gaming. There have been 2 great games released already, Darksiders and Bayonetta, and there will likely be many more over the next 3 or 4 months. In short, most of us are just totally fucked. There is no way I will be able to play all of these games. I can only hope that there will be a month or 2 during the summer where things slow down. What's funny about that is that just a few years ago you could find me sitting in my room in July getting stoned and lamenting the lack of summer game releases. By myself. While I likely masturbated.

Anyway, it is great to see companies taking a new approach to their scheduling, even if it most of it is just to avoid going against Call of Duty. I suppose we can thank Activision for this, considering it's their fault we have a new CoD forced upon us at least once every year. But to be fair, there were a fair few other high profile games released last year and I received a few of them for Christmas a few weeks back. Let us commence the discussion of said games.

So, what did I get? For the PS3 I got Demon's Souls, God of War Collection, and Ratchet and Clank. For the 360 I got Assassin's Creed 2, FIFA Soccer 2010, Left 4 Dead 2, Dragon Age Origins, and Borderlands.

Author's Note:This is the last time I'm using italics for game titles. Fuck it, I'm tired.

I've also been pleasantly surprised by Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time. I didn't like the last retail Ratchet game for whatever reason, but I find myself enjoying this one. My wife has already beat the game. We both love the humor and I'm always glad to see Captain Qwark. Besides this, my kids also enjoy seeing this game, especially the gun that burps on enemies. Always makes them laugh. I don't have much to say otherwise, as most of the core gameplay is the same as it ever was. Which I guess is fine, because it's pretty damn good.

Since I've typed too many words and feel like shit, I'll keep things short from here on out. I spent some time with GoW Collection, but if you'll just look at my avatar and banner than I think you'll be able to tell what I think of those games. As for Left 4 Dead 2, well, it's a great game, but just like last time I find myself uninterested in it already. Still, I plan on playing it with some pals who haven't gotten the game yet, so perhaps I'll get back into it.

As for Demon's Souls and Dragon Age, I haven't touched them. I'd like to clear the rest of my plate before I get into these time consuming games, so I'll have to give my thoughts at another time. For now though, I'm going to go wake my lazy wife up and go take a nap. It's 8 AM and I've been up with my daughter watching Dinosaur Train since 5 AM and I'm starting to feel nauseated.

But one more thing: Why the fuck does my 360 have to be online for the Dinosaur Train episodes I''ve downloaded to appear? This only effects recent purchases; specifically purchases made after the video section became the Zune Dashboard. WTF? If I purchased the content on the console I'm using, then what's the problem? Oh well. Fuck Zune.
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