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Dear community members,

Today marks a special occasion. One of our own is yet another year older, so since we as a whole celebrate this "occasion' of when we are one year closer to old age, senility and death's embrace, I here wish to bestow upon this fellow Drunkcast alumni, this loving father, dedicated husband and all around bearded douche bag of a friend of mine, a fantastic ( and alcohol filled ) birthday.

Typically as is customary here in Dtoid, people would post disgusting degrading filthy pictures of half naked women as part of the festivities. I am beneath that, as you should too. I will merely raise my shot glass filled with Tequila right now and encourage all of you who can do so right now as you read this, to raise your own alcoholic beverage you may have within your possession and share a birthday toast/drink with me.

To Counting Counflict, one of the coolest bearded drunks residing in Dtoid. Cheers.

Typically that would end it but Counting Conflict wants to play Poker and drink tonight. If you happen to have a PS3, the downloadable poker game High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition, and poker skills then by all means join him and myself as we both get drunk and try to show you how to play poker. If you happen to have a PS Camera with your PS3 then you can witness the hilarity live of seeing Counting Conflict drunk. Let me tell you ...it's not to be missed. Some say the same of me but I don't listen to those folks.

The Poker game begins @ 11pm EST. The Table to look for will be mine, k0wb0y-b33b0p. The password for the table will be 'toid'. If we have a lot of people, message me on PSN and we will create additional tables. We will play until you have no cash left. Last man standing wins. What does he win? Well I know Counting Conflict is generously donating a game to the winner. What, I don't know. A PS3 game most likely. He wants to keep it under wraps. I also will throw in one as well. If you are the impatient type you may want what I'll throw in. I'll be giving away a copy of the import Yakuza 3. There's a lot of moonspeak in it but you can get through it with a FAQ readily available online. Oh and its awesome. So there you have it. A mystery prize and Yakuza 3 for the winner. Any takers?

We'll be waiting and most likely drunk. Surely you can win some games from some old drunken farts?
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