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The Future: Gaming's Messiah

Picture this: it's sometime in the (hopefully near) future. Over 75% of the world play games on a regular basis; the game industry is booming and an Xbox is seen in homes as much as refrigerators or TVs. Just last Wednesday, Destructoid just garnered its 300,000th member. The world is a gamer's paradise.

I personally couldn't wait for a future like that. Gaming is quickly becoming more and more mainstream each and every day with big releases like Modern Warfare 2 or Uncharted 2 gracing the market every year or so. Still, there are many who are just not that "in" to gaming. How could we change that? How could we get more people to enjoy video games and keep it going strong for many hears to come? This could possibly solved by a single game.

We need a "messiah" of gaming. We need a game that will do for gaming what FLCL did to anime. We need a game so revolutionary, so absolutely adored by almost everyone, that it will bring gaming into a new era. This game must completely change what we think about gaming, it has to have such a strong emotional effect in all of us that there is no going back, and a new standard will be set.

I'm going to draw a comparison to FLCL. If you haven't watched the anime FLCL, I would highly that you watch it as soon as possible. If you're still not convinced, read Japanator's take on it and see why they feel it is truly the most influential anime of the past decade.

FLCL's trick is it's ambiguity. At first watch, it seems like nothing but random gibberish and it will NOT make sense. After watching it a few times, however, it begins to become more cohesive. No matter what kind of person you are, there WILL be something you like about FLCL, whether it's the extremely odd sense of humor, the really well-done action scenes toward the end of the series, or just perhaps the many animation-style changes that are mixed in. FLCL's mystique, it's shrouded, epic story needs to be captured within a game. The game must have it all. The game must be able to be interpreted by the one playing it, and everyone's experience needs to be different.

The game needs action, suspense, romance, violence, and the game must be placed on an epic scale. It needs to be accessible as well; it needs to be multi-platform. It needs exposure; it needs to be widely known. And, most importantly, it needs to appeal to non-gamers. It needs to break gaming stereotypes and the stereotypes of it's genre, whatever genre that might be. The game must make those who make fun of gaming stare in awe. If someone's trashing the game, those people need to stand up for it.

Think of the possibilities at hand; think of what a game like this could do for gaming. I know I'm going to sound fanatical here, but aren't you sick of the people who denounce gaming as something for "nerds"? Don't you just want those people to see how great gaming can be if you look at it with an open mind, don't you want those people to feel like you do when you finally beat that boss or when you watch that one cutscene? The "one game to rule them all" needs to be made. For this reason, I'm looking forward to the future of gaming.
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