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The future: No "new" games

Most of us look at the future as high tech and fascinating but when we cant improve any more then where do we go? I mean look at Call of duty Modern warfare

and then look at Modern warfare 2

The only differences I see in the 2 games are in some graphical differences.
Sure modern warfare 2 has more additions such as perks and such but they still have the same gameplay style take cover, shoot, go to check point repeat.
Call of duty isn't the only game series to exhibit this pattern look at Pokemon all we get with each new game in the series is new Pokemon, a new land, and tweaks to the battle system.

A big thing that I feel is happening to games it that we are starting to run of new ways to play game. The way I think of this is that publishers are like fishermen they can use the same bait on different fish multiple times as in they can make sequels to the same games we get now as long as there are new gamers to fill our spots.

One thing I think has saved this generation from doom so far is the wii due the wii remote and how it interacts with us in a way that no system has done before with motion control and such. If we can get more than just power with the next generation it could save video games and make them "new´┐Ż again
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