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The Best Cammy Day Ever


Wait ...



... Capcom, in my hand, though you can't see it, I hold my wallet, filled to the brim with money. Please, take all of its contents in exchange for Super Street Fighter IV. And not just for the new Rival Fights and the Ultra Combos and Mecha-Zangief. Take it because you have somehow convinced me I need this game for Cammy's second alternate costume alone. I mean ... it mixes two of my favorite things: my favorite leading lady and one of my favorite Street Fighter costume designs ever. Bet you didn't know about that second part, did you?

Yes, I was somewhat interested in the game before, but the new costumes, Cammy's included, are going to make me buy this game again. I have the original already for Xbox 360 AND on the PC (Steam sale had it on the cheap ... can't wait to try out all the amazing costumes people have made so far!) and I'm definitely now picking this game up.

God, that costume is so damn bad ass ...
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