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Collection Corner Pt. 1: The SD/Retro Roundup!

After seeing some of the totally pimp and AMAZING setups from you guys, I thought I'd start showing off a bit of my stuff. Since it's a pretty sizeable chunk, I'll put out a few more easily digestible blogs over the next few weeks.

First up, the SD setup!

The biggest girl I've ever loved. A big ol' 36" 300 pound behemoth of a tube TV that is just perfect for playing anything in standard definition. Coupled with a Dell 2.1 speaker set, she does just fine for the Dreamcast, Saturn, CDX, PS2, GameCube, Wii, N64, and SNES that sit beneath her considerable confines.

And, of course, the systems do no good without a healthy supply of software to go with it!

This encompasses my (and admittedly just a few of my roommate's) PSP, PS1, PS2, DS, Saturn, GameCube, and Wii collection. My Sega CD/32X collection is here as well, with a few N64, NES, Genesis, and GBA games tossed in for good measure. I've got a few close up shots so you can actually see what's on the shelves too.

Here's most of the PSP stuff. At one time, I had one Metal Gear game for each other game on the PSP. It's mostly neglected now that the I have the PSPgo, but I still carry my 3000 with me most of the time.

The remainder of the PSP games/movies and my massive Saturn collection. Nights isn't pictured because I don't have a case for it. Knuckles Chaotix! This game was like a fable to me for a long time, as I'd never heard of a 32X, and it's never been included in any Sonic compilation, as far as I'm aware.

Most of these are my roommate's, so I don't have a lot of insight here. Yes, I know Bubsy and Knuckles is a travesty, but they're both way too big to fit otherwise, so there you are.

Here we make it a bit more modern with the PS1/2 collection. It absolutely kills me to have so many Greatest Hits games, so I'm trying my best to whittle these down. And the stickers! The GameStop stickers from Hell!
Games of note: Marvel Vs. Capcom, Mega Man Legends 2, X 4-6, Escape from Monkey Island, and Fatal Frame.
When I picked up Fatal Frame, the GameStop at Cinncinnati U. had 2 and 3 as well in terrific condition. Too bad I was way too broke to buy them all. :'(

Some more PS goodness. Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil 2, ICO, All the Jak games, and Klonoa 2 are my picks here.
Fun fact: The boxes for Gran Turismo 1 and 2, and Resident Evil DX are all empty! I intended to buy these from a yard sale, when we opened the cases, we discovered the seller's kid had taken all the games and left his penny-pinching parents holding the box, as it were. I picked them all up for a dollar, as complete PS1 games are tough to obtain.

I unfortunately neglected to show the two-tone memory card here, that is in fact, an official Barbie branded memory card. My roommate insists it was cheaper than a regular memory card. Suuuuuuure. Behind Tai'Fu is a copy of Rayman 2. I bought these to test my PSOne w/LCD I bought last year at FYE. They were selling them NIB for 40 bucks!
I would recommend Shenmue, and of course MGS3.

Due to shelving constraints, I have to put my DS games here and continue the PS2 games on a later shelf. It does bother me a bit, but I'll survive. For the Moonspeak challenged, that's Burn! Hot Blooded Rhythm Soul! Ouendan 2 in the middle. I recommend almost everything here, ESPECIALLY Donkey Kong Country 2. It's not pictured because it's currently in the SNES!

Here's the centerpiece of the collection.
Earthbound: 5 bucks. Yard Sale.
Mario RPG (With instruction manual and Player's Guide): 5 bucks. Some dude on MySpace.
That's Ikari Warriors on the left. Really need more shelf space...
The Japanese game up top is Mag Kid: Slide Adventures. It uses an attachment on the DS/Lite that turns the DS into an optical mouse to play the game. It's pretty interesting, and definitely my most unique game.

The finale of the DS Section. Dragon Warrior 1 and 2 for the Game Boy and Metroid Zero Mission are in there somewhere. Found that Phantom Hourglass set at Five Below. It is probably my single favorite stop for PC games. Last trip I got that lunch box, Turok, Devil May Cry 4, R6 Lockdown, and Splinter Cell 1 and 2 (1 game) for 5 bucks apiece.

Finished off the PS2 games, and some GameCube stuff here. I can proudly boast that every one of my GameCube games are free of Player's Choice branding. So any of them that have such are not mine.

The GameCube was my mainstay from 2001 up to about 2004. I don't remember when I got my PS2 exactly, but the GameCube always got preferential treatment until I got my Xbox in mid 2004.
Oh! There's my copy of Cursed Mountain LE I got from Destructoid! I love you guys!

That's the tail end of the Wii and GameCube stuff. Exciting!

And finally, the Sega CD/32X CD collection. Secret of Monkey Island gets a shelf all to itself, and I absolutely love that Steve Purcell artwork.

Wait...how'd that get in here? Oh well. Courtesy of the Towne Mall of Frederick MD. Stop by and play Confidential Mission or Pump it Up with no sound!

Thanks for reading, or at least skimming the pictures. I'll have part 2 up eventually.
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